60-Minute Private Reading


NExt STEps

We are delighted you have booked a 60-minute private reading with Rebecca Rosen. The next step is completing this online payment and consent form. Simply fill out the client information section and read through the client consent section. Your appointment is confirmed once you have submitted the form.

The session includes an electronic recording of the session that will automatically be emailed to you, but you may also purchase a CD recording. The cost for this is $25 and includes shipping and handling. Due to the possibility of technical challenges, a recording is not guaranteed. You are welcome to record with your own device and take notes.

You may also opt to include up to two additional people per session at a cost of $200 per person.

Details for the Reading

Phone Readings:

Rebecca will call you at the appointed time at the number provided on the consent form unless you are located internationally. If you are located internationally, please email hello@rebeccarosen.com to make arrangements. 

In-person Readings:

The reading will take place at Rebecca's office. The address is 155 S. Madison St. Suite 212, Denver, CO 80209. 

What to Expect

During a Private Reading with Rebecca Rosen, spirit impresses Rebecca’s mind and body with thoughts and feelings, communicating messages the client needs most at that time. Rebecca trusts that everything the client needs to know at that point will be addressed at that time, and will not require any questions or prompts from the client. While clients are often eager to ask their loved ones or guides specific questions, it is advised that they do not interrupt the process or quality of work by doing so, and instead remain open to receive. The strongest and most authentic messages are relayed spontaneously, and when given uninterrupted time and space and flow. When spirit answers questions without prompting, the experience is much more validating for the client. Towards the end of a reading Rebecca will check in to see if the client has any specific questions about what has been addressed so far.

While she has the ability to conduct psychic readings, serving as a medium is Rebecca’s true calling and highest intention in doing this work. A psychic reading will take on a different format than a standard mediumship session, where Rebecca solely relies on Spirits to provide and relay information to and through her. If at any point the direction of the reading turns to a psychic reading, Rebecca will stop and reconnect with Spirit, bringing the focus of the session back to mediumship. If a client feels they would prefer a psychic reading, it is strongly advised that they seek out a professional whose focus is on psychic readings. Similarly, while a session with Rebecca can be quite therapeutic, it should not be used as a therapy session. If a therapy session is desired, it is recommended that a licensed therapist, rather than Rebecca, be sought out.

Additional details of what to expect during the reading can be found at Rebecca's website by clicking here. Rebecca also makes several recommendations on her FAQ page for how to prepare for a reading which you can review here. And you are welcome to sign up for Rebecca's Email List to get updates and information on what is happening in the world of Rebecca Rosen.

Cancellation Policy

We do ask that you please contact us at least one week prior to your scheduled appointment if you need to cancel or reschedule for any reason. If notification is not received within one week of your appointment you have the option to fill the appointment with another person as no refunds will be given.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at hello@rebeccarosen.com or 303-388-2288.