Mystical Mourning was created by Spiritual Medium Rebecca Rosen and Rabbi Dr. Baruch HaLevi. It is an eight-day, multimedia support system to help guide you through your grief in a proactive, purposeful, and powerful way at any point after the loss of a loved one. Grieving is neither a weakness nor a shame. It’s a necessary and potentially transformative process for dealing with your loss and pain. Mourning is the pathway we walk through grief, and Mystical Mourning is the path we’ve charted by drawing upon spiritual, emotional and mental best practices from religion, spiritual practice, therapeutic methods, and our experience in guiding individuals through the process.

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Tears are one of the most powerful expressions of emotion. Allowed to flow unabashedly but with purposeful direction, shedding tears will help you prepare to heal by cleansing your soul.


Authenticity in grieving means accepting your true emotions during mourning. Finding gentle ways to speak the truth about your needs, to yourself and others, will help you heal your heart.


Exercising stillness during the upsetting process of mourning is incredibly hard. Learning to still your monkey-mind will help you reach the peace and clarity needed for mending your life.


Losing your loved one wasn’t your choice. But choosing life, choosing to heal, and choosing to honor your loved one is a choice you can make through small and manageable daily actions.


In a world that encourages giving, receiving gets mistaken for weakness. Exploring ways to open your heart to receive the love and aid you need helps you overcome the darkness of grief.


The only thing we can control in the face of death is our response to its darkness. Mindfulness, the state of doing everything with intention, will show you how to pave the way forward in life.


Losing a loved one painfully reminds us of our lack of control over life. Learning to surrender in the meaningful ways we present will help you find peace amidst the emotional turmoil of grieving.


Joy has as much of a place in death as anger has in life. Both emotions act as powerful guides and understanding how to deal with them will help you restore your healthy outlook on life.

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How much does it cost and what is included?

For $44.44 you get 8-day self-guided grief relief PDF E-book. Each day is broken down into morning, afternoon and evening excercises. You will also get guided meditations that correspond to specific days in the E-book.

Why Have We Created Mystical Mourning?

Death most often strikes without warning, leaving mourners gasping for air as they attempt to deal with the immense weight of their grief. Having watched this scene unfold many times, through our work as a spiritual medium and a Rabbi who’ve helped hundreds of people deal with grief, we’ve come to realize the need for a positive and practical framework that would guide the bereaved through their mourning.

After experiencing this need first-hand when our beloved father passed away, we decided to put this guide together. Mystical Mourning helps you make your way through the dark and highly emotional period of mourning in a meaningful, purposeful, and therapeutic way that alleviates your grief and helps you find your way back to love and light again.

What is its Purpose?

Mystical Mourning intends to help you discover the meaning within the process of mourning. This guide won’t tell you how you should properly mourn; for neither “should” nor “proper” have a place in mourning. Your pain after losing a loved one may be private and your mourning process as distinct as the relationship you’ve had with the deceased, but the process of mourning is universal. Mystical Mourning aims to equip you with tools―mental, emotional, psychological, and physical ones―that will help you move through your grief in your own time, on your own terms, and in your own way.

Who’s it intended for?

Because grieving is a process that works in spirals rather than a linear pattern, Mystical Mourning speaks to anyone who’s currently grieving and going through a process of mourning, whether for a recent or a long-ago loss. This guide can also offer you a way to provide comfort and direction to grieving loved ones by offering them a real, tangible, and actionable way to add meaning and direction back into their life so they can begin to heal and feed their soul. Finally, Mystical Mourning can also be used by someone who is watching a loved one slowly die and needs a guided way to confront the pain of the gradual loss.

What should I expect?

Non-denominational in its nature but drawing material from various religious, spiritual and secular mourning traditions around the world, Mystical Mourning helps you create new rituals around mourning and grief that are informed by tried-and-true ancient wisdom traditions and universal spiritual practices. Divided into short daily reflections with accompanying meditations and activities, the material in this guide will help you build structure and intention around your mourning and help you find meaning in the difficult but much-needed process of grieving.