A session with Rebecca Rosen is a unique, personal experience, and her rates are a reflection of the level of quality her clients receive. Here you’ll find some further explanation about the rates of a spiritual medium of Rebecca’s reputation.

Let’s take a moment to step away from the specifics of a medium’s business, and think about a similar pricing structure first. Have you ever scheduled a photographer, maybe to capture a special moment in your life or to document stages of a child’s (or your own) life? You probably did some research and had to decide which type of photographer and price point best met your particular needs. The professionally trained and educated photographer? The local department store studio? An amateur building his portfolio? Each has his or her own strengths, and each has his or her own price points that reflect the quality of the end product and the time, equipment and expertise that goes into creating that end product.

Like the professionally trained and educated photographer, Rebecca Rosen has been refining her skills as a spiritual medium and teacher for two decades. She has traveled the world to study various teachings and work under numerous gurus. She has documented her journey and published three books, Spirited, Awaken the Spirit Within, and What The Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well in order to create an accessible offering for those whom a reading is either not the necessary option or out of one’s price range.

Over the years Rebecca’s profound validations and messages have led to numerous media appearances and high profile clientele, both of which have helped to garner for her a reputation of being the best in the business. Rebecca’s years of training are evident in her countless profound validations and messages, and make a reading with her extremely valuable. She is sought out by those in grief for the pristine quality of the reading they will receive, and for many, a visit with Rebecca is a once in a lifetime occurrence.

In addition to the quality of Rebecca’s readings, costs also reflect the time a reading requires. While a client may visit with Rebecca for a reading, that reading requires additional hours of Rebecca’s time – both before and after – in order to raise her own vibration to the level where she can serve as a clear channel for spirit, and in order to return back to the earthly plane after the session has ended. Rebecca has shaped her entire lifestyle to make herself the best channel for spirit, and therefore the best medium for clients. While many professionals can leave their work at the office, Rebecca must embody many facets of her work in everyday life in order to be the best medium she can be for her clients. All of Rebecca’s daily routines reflect this truth, from what she chooses to put in her body, the way she arranges her physical surroundings, her physical and mental exercises, the research she continues to do, and the professionals she chooses to seek medical and energetic support from.