Trust Your Guidance


You’d think after 18 years of being dialed in to my intuitive skills and spiritual awareness I’d be the last person to doubt my inner knowing and completely misread the signs. Ha! The events that unfolded for me this past weekend served as a humbling reminder that I, too, am human and have a pesky mind that loves to get in the way of true guidance.

I was scheduled to speak at a couple’s retreat in Vail. Not only was I looking forward to sharing my work with this new group of people, but also I saw it as an opportunity for a weekend getaway with my fiancée to the beautiful mountains. Two days before our scheduled departure, I learned that a potential snowstorm was headed our way, predicted to hit the Denver area right around the same time we would be hitting the road. To ensure I made it to Vail and my event on time, I called the hotel and booked an extra nights stay, moving up our departure date to Friday afternoon. Problem solved.

Or so I thought. Friday morning I woke up with an uneasy feeling that stayed with me most the day. I couldn’t put my finger on what the uncomfortable feeling was pointing to, but I was certain something in my world was off. Later that day, I saw my energy healer, Ariel, and she picked up on my anxiety the minute I laid down on her healing table. I considered, maybe I should reconsider my drive to the mountains? She felt like I was supposed to go, and on a mind level, I agreed with her—I don’t like to break commitments unless I have a clear indication that the Universe has a different plan and so far, the signs were unclear.

After leaving Ariel, I went home to sit with my nagging apprehension to drive to Vail. Was it my mind making noise, projecting fear onto the situation? Had all the media hype about the impending snowstorm stirred up my anxiety? Or was it my intuitive voice speaking up, giving me a nudge that danger lie ahead and I should change our game plan? The running joke in my family is that while I’m an incredible psychic for others, when it comes to getting a clear read on predicting my own life… forget it! A fair comparison is like the surgeon trying to operate on his or herself… not the best rate of success.

Even for me, when I’m personally invested in an outcome or mentally and emotionally involved, it’s challenging to see a situation clearly because my mind gets in the way. Intuitive guidance—that strong gut feeling that often comes out of nowhere—defies reasonable or logical explanation. Our rational minds, then, urge us to discount or dismiss our “gut” guidance altogether. The key, then, is to get out of our heads and trust and act on what our intuition tells us to do.


Still unsure whether we should hit the road to Vail or not, I asked my fiancé Chris if he had a clear sense as to whether or not we should go. He said he did not, but that I was wrestling so much with the decision meant it was worth more consideration. Chris said, “268 babe,” which is our code for pay attention; there’s important divine guidance coming forth.

So I went back into meditation where my guides showed me that my anxiety was not about the impending bad weather headed our way, but rather a significant traffic issue and time delay if we left as planned. I saw in my minds-eye an accident, not one I’d be involved in, rather one that would cause a delay. But when I asked my guides if I was supposed to go to Vail I got a green light. This is my sign for YES, so I didn’t question it. I came out of my meditation and announced to Chris that we were packing our bags and hitting the road.

Within the hour we were in the car, hoping to get a head start on the weekend mountain traffic. I soon spotted a license plate “THESTAR” and smiled, as “Star” is the name of one of my spirit guides, who often reflects my higher self and inner knowing. A moment later, we saw the CDOT road sign that said I-70 was closed from Georgetown to the Eisenhower Tunnel, due to a bad accident and poor road conditions. In that instant, I knew exactly what “Star” was trying to tell me… to TRUST my feelings. “Turn around,” I said to Chris. “This is only going to get worse.” He was confused. “But I thought you got a green light?”

Car Guidance Post.jpg

As we headed back to the house avoiding a major traffic jam just miles ahead, I recognized that if I’d asked my guides if we were supposed to travel on Friday the answer would have been NO. (Important note: Be specific in what and how you ask Spirit a question! The more specific the question, the more specific the answer.) My guidance was right—there was a traffic accident and yes, I was still supposed to go to Vail, just not on that day or at that time! Sometimes you need real road signs to validate the spiritual signs.

The very next morning, I woke up with a peaceful, easy feeling. Like déjà vu, we packed up the car and tried it again. Only this time, everything flowed. No traffic jams and the roads were clear, making for an easy and enjoyable ride to the mountains.

Rebecca Rosen