A Miracle on Miracle Hills

Two months ago, my grandmother passed away at the age of 95. Naturally, I traveled back home to Omaha to attend her funeral and take part in her celebration of life. On the day we got there, I had an overwhelming desire to get my nails done (which isn’t something I generally feel passionate about doing!). I asked my mom if she knew of a good nail salon to pop into, and she gave me a general idea of where to go. It didn’t feel like the right place, so when I got into the car I asked my guides to lead me to wherever it was I needed to be. I felt I should take a left, and head down to an area called Miracle Hills. As I drove a couple miles, I had a vision of my dad’s old gifts and gallery store he had in a Miracle Hills strip mall. I thought I should check it out and see if there were any nail salons there. Sure enough, there was a nail salon right next door to his old store. I thanked my guides for making it so easy, and headed on into an almost empty salon. There was one other woman in there besides me, which made me question the salon, until I heard the Nebraska Husker game on in the background. Aha! Given that I’ve never seen a state as enthusiastic about their football team than Nebraskans are, it made perfect sense. Everyone else was busy watching the game. Go Huskers and yay for me!

Divine Synchronicity

I picked out my nail polish color and then sat down. About a minute into the manicure, the other woman across the salon looked at me and did a double take, her jaw falling to the ground. “Rebecca Rosen?” She looked so familiar, and when I acknowledged her, she reintroduced herself, as Mary. It turned out she was a client who had been to see me in a couple of my Small Group Readings in Omaha. She went on to share the following:

“I cannot believe this. This is such a huge miracle! I have literally been thinking about you all morning. Something disturbing came up with regard to something I originally came to see you about, and I’m hopeless and at a loss as to what to do next. When I went to my barre class I was asking myself, what would Rebecca say or do about the situation? I was feeling so low and almost didn’t come here, but something urged me to just get out of the house and get my nails done. Then five minutes before I walked into the nail salon, on my drive over here, I was thinking I need to reach out to you and get a reading. And then you walk in! I had no idea that you were in town, let alone why on earth you would end up here in this space with me just moments after my prayer to my loved ones and guides in spirit. Amazing!”

I went on to give Mary a spontaneous reading. I connected her with her parents in spirit, feeling completely guided and inspired to bring some clarity, answers, and reassurance to her that she was not alone. The message was that Mary needed to keep the faith and keep moving forward with her situation, and not give up following her truth. These poor nail techs, listening to me channeling the dead, wondering what on earth took over their salon! Throughout the entire time Mary and I sat together, not one other customer walked in. It’s as if Spirit was creating a safe space, a vortex, for she and I to connect without any other energy interference. It wasn’t until she got up to leave that another couple of customers walked in.

Sometimes We’re Just Pawns

Needless to say, Mary was beyond grateful for the opportunity to hear directly from her parents in spirit through me, and I felt honored to serve. This experience was a reminder to me that sometimes we are just pawns in someone else’s life, being used by Spirit to show up and serve their needs and assist them on their path. I was proud of myself for following my intuitive guidance to go to this exact nail salon, allowing my internal GPS to guide me, rather than allowing my mind to get in the way and run the show. Synchronicities such as this are meant to be frequent and common. They occur if we simply get out of the way and go with the flow, trusting our intuition to lead the way. This was a perfect illustration of how miracles unfold when we do so.

A Power So Much Bigger

When Mary left she thanked me again and told me she felt visibly lighter and her faith was restored. She said she has always believed it is not a one-sided conversation, but this experience sealed the deal in her mind and heart. Nothing makes me happier than to hear that I had a hand in restoring one’s faith and knowing that they are not alone, that there is a Divine plan and orchestration to our lives, and that our prayers are always heard and answered in Divine timing. I thanked Spirit for using me as the instrument once again to bring about this miracle. It then struck me that we were sitting in Miracle Hills! There couldn’t be a more appropriate place for this miracle to occur. I too left the salon feeling humbled and in awe of the power of something so much bigger than us bringing us together, all because we both let go and let God show us the way!

Sometimes we are just pawns in someone else’s life... #Sprited