Create Healthy Energetic Connections With the Dead

Create Healthy Energetic Connections With The Dead

Ariel Hardy, friend and energy healer, is contributing to my blog again this week for the third part of her three-part series! I hope you’ve all enjoyed learning about Ariel and energy work these past few weeks. If you’d like even more from Ariel, please find information on how to do so at the bottom of this post. 

Going to a medium like Rebecca Rosen is a mind-blowing and uplifting experience that can leave you wide open to the big picture of the Universe. A reading with Rebecca can make you feel like there is no tragedy, but that your life is divinely planned. Her messages from the dead can bring you peace, knowing that the spirits of your loved ones are safe and happy on the other side. Sometimes, hearing from a dead loved one can bring a much needed closure. But after meeting with Rebecca, if you find yourself still desperately needing to hear a message from the dead, your energy field may be out of balance. 

One time, I worked on a woman who kept her dead son’s room intact for years. She would walk down the hall and sit in his room surrounded by all of the material things that he left behind, trying to conjure him up and feel him. Sometimes she would sense him and sometimes she wouldn’t. This obsession caused her energy field to turn grey because her crown vortex to God was shut down from always seeking to feel her son instead of seeking to feel the presence of God. The light of God is supposed to come in through the top of the head (the crown vortex) to make us feel fulfilled and whole, but she just wanted to connect to her son to feel better. In doing so, she accidentally shut out not only the light that brings healing, but also the pathway from herself to God for her son to come and go through. When we are calling God’s light into us through prayer, visualization, music, play and laughter, our high vibration pulls the Angels, Spirit Guides, and spirits (dead loved ones), toward us. It’s kind of like they are riding a waterfall of light that we’ve created down to Earth! The way that woman was clinging to her son had caused him to be trapped in a grey net in her energy field to the left of her body. Not only was she in a severe depression, but he was miserable too. Spirits need to be free to leave us and be with God and the Angels for healing and transformation. When they do return to us for periods at a time, they can bring us light from the Angelic realm. If we keep them here beside us at all times, they cannot advance, and neither can we. On this Earth and on the other side, advancing, or becoming brighter, is what the journey is all about.

When Rebecca Rosen’s father committed suicide, she did not sit day after day surrounded by his belongings, calling him in. She let him go. She prayed to God and to her Angels, asking that her father make it across to the Light on other side. She meditated to feel God’s peace. She got energy healings to fill herself with God’s peace and to heal her broken heart. She called in her team of Angels and Spirit Guides. She tuned into her father with her mediumship skills to learn that he was ok. She did not hold onto him or keep trying to hear messages from him to try to make the grief go away. Instead, she leaned on God, Angels, Spirit Guides (different than “spirits”, which are our deceased friends and family), and on the love and support from the living—such as healers and people who care and pray for her—sending her God’s light. Because she did not hang on, but opened herself up to God’s light, she quickly healed from that major death in her world. Her dad continues to come and go on a regular basis as he so chooses. Of course Rebecca misses his physical presence, but her reaction when her father is around is that of pure delight. She is just happy to see signs that he is doing his best to support her through tough times and with her during the celebratory moments. She just notices it, smiles, and keeps on living her life here on Earth.

Calling in God’s Light

As an energy healer, sometimes a spirit from the dead will show up to help facilitate the healing. But sometimes, the dead need to be moved out of a session to bring you the most healing. In the energy healing sessions, I scan the energy field, or bubble of light surrounding you, for anything that is holding you back from true happiness on Earth, right here, right now. If that means that a spirit is dragging your energy down, then the angels and guides will have me move that spirit out of your energy and into God’s light until you and your dead loved one are in a higher vibration and therefore good for each other. Energetically, the goal is that every one of us, whether living or dead, is happily immersed in God’s light. In each energy healing session, I open up a vortex in the top of the head, called the crown vortex. Once this is open like a funnel or a whirlpool, I call in God’s light. A fluid bright whitish yellow light or an infinite black like the starry night sky floods into your body and energy field through the top of your head making you feel whole and peaceful. Often people tell me that they feel like they are floating. Once this light is pouring through you, Angels and Guides begin riding in on that light as if they are drawn toward you in the current. This is also when spirits, if they would be helpful to your healing, will come in. They may bring you a nugget of light from their travels and have me place it in your hand or your heart. Sometimes, the spirits of your dead relatives will have me remove family patterns from you that held them back in their recent lifetime so that you don’t get stuck the way they did. A past lover, may have me remove the patterns between the two of you that were hurtful or unhealthy. If the Spirit Guides and Angels bring someone into the healing, I go with the flow, but I do not try to bring spirits in. I only call on God, Angels and Spirit Guides of the highest light, allowing spirits to come and go from the healings as needed. The goal of an energy healing is to light you up energetically, so that you feel powerful, calm, centered, and filled with the Light. By becoming one with God, your channels will be wide open to hear spontaneously from the dead in a healthy, balanced way.