Life is Messy: Abundance in All Things


Just the other night, I had a dream about my dad where he showed me gold coins. My deceased father, Shelly, often uses coins as a sign from beyond to get my attention. But typically he drops dimes from Heaven. Since he was showing me shiny, gold coins, it got my heightened attention. 

Upon waking, I interpreted his sign as a message about worth. When Dad was alive he struggled financially. Not only did his business go bankrupt, but also he convinced himself that what he was worth on paper determined his value as a person. Thankfully, he turned this thinking around before the end of his life. He realized that his self-worth was the true measure of his worth, and I believe that much of his “work” on the Other Side is to help me shift my thinking around what it truly means to live abundantly.

Your self-worth is the true measure of your worth.

When I thought about it further, I wasn’t surprised that Dad was bringing up the subject of money. I’d been wrestling again with my own financial struggle: should I take on more work and bigger projects to make more money, or continue with my steady routine of meeting with clients in my Denver office? Every day when I show up to connect intimate groups of the living with the departed it feels important and purposeful, but sometimes I wonder—should I strive for more? Do more? Am I doing enough?

The day following my dream visitation from Dad, I got my answer. When I asked my son, Jakob, about the money he owed me. He’d borrowed ten dollars to buy a toy online. Jakob said he could pay me, but that all he had were gold coins. Gold coins? Really? Sure enough, he retrieved a bag of gold, $1 coins with Sacagawea and other presidents on them, from his room that he handed over to me. 

I thanked him while laughing to myself. I knew Dad was behind this! He was using Jakob as his messenger to tell me— stop worrying about the money! Instead, focus on the value of your worth. Focus on all that you already do. Dad was reminding me of what spirits communicate from beyond nearly every day: During our time on this planet, when we show up in loving service to others by extending our natural talents and gifts, we are doing enough. We’re fulfilling our purpose. When we recognize and honor our true value, the money is not a problem. It will follow. That’s just how the Universe works.

The Universe responds positively to your vibration of feeling worthy and abundant.

You Try It! Your Gifts are Priceless

Your value isn’t measured in dollars but by what you offer the world around you. Ask your guides and departed loved ones to help you shift your thinking from worth less to worth more. Repeat the affirmation: The universe is abundant. I am worthy and deserving of its abundance. As I give freely my gifts to others, the Universe responds abundantly. Repeat this affirmation every day, and as you begin to trust it and feel it, look for signs of abundance.

A quick follow up to this story…

As if the gold coins weren’t enough, the very next day I received another sign from Dad. I was in our upstairs bedroom when a gust of wind came through our open window. It blew a card off of our altar and when I picked it up, my mouth dropped open. It was an image of Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Abundance! I went to the top of the stairs to call down to Chris. He had to see this. And that’s when I noticed the play money from Sam and Jakob’s Monopoly game strewn up and down the stairs. As I took in the weird scene, I noticed that it was also STUCK TO THE WALLS! Huh? How did that get there?


Sometimes the signs from the Other Side are subtle and sometimes they literally blow me away. Every day, your guides and departed loved ones surround you. Ask for their support and guidance and then open your heart, eyes, and windows to receive the signs.