Life is Messy: Little Angels


If you’ve ever wondered if your child is connected to the Other Side, the answer is YES. As the story I’m about to share illustrates, our children are often messengers of Spirit so pay attention to what they say and do. Your departed loved ones may be speaking directly through them.

I sat down with a client named Lani and immediately two spirits stepped forward—a baby and a much older man. I asked Lani if she’d lost a child and she confirmed that she had. Owen, her 17-month old baby, had mysteriously died in his sleep a few years ago.

“It was his heart,” I said. “He’s showing me that it just stopped beating.”

Lani looked at me with grief and longing.

“He’s here,” I said. “And he’s safe. He’s with an older man who’s calling himself Grandpa Joe?”

“That’s my father-in-law,” Lani whispered with surprise.

“They’re together,” I smiled. “They’re having a great time playing in Heaven.”

I was hit then with the clear knowing that Owen was an older soul. I could also feelhow powerful his spirit was. I said, “Even though Owen was a baby when he died, he’s actually the older soul.” I explained, “Your son came to Earth for a brief period of time, acting as an earth angel so to speak, to help deepen your spiritual awareness and faith.”

They may be younger in age, but often our children are our greatest teachers.

The spirit of Owen then flashed in my mind an image of my two sons, Jakob and Sam.  I put the dots together. “Do you have other children?” I asked.

Lani nodded that she did. “Two boys.”

“Owen is pointing to the older brother. He’s saying that he and Grandpa Joe watches over him, acting as his spirit guides. Owen’s also saying that he talks to his brother often and that you should believe your son when he brings him up because it’s actually Owen speaking through him.”

“Really?” Lani said. “It hasn’t happened yet.”

I explained to Lani that the information coming through me isn’t always linear. “Sometimes it’s future insight that has yet to play out,” I said. “So just wait and see.

Well, the very next day, Lani emailed me. Within hours of our reading, she said that her older son began to explain in great detail a conversation he “heard” between Owen and Grandpa Jo. Because Lani hadn’t shared any of the specifics of the reading with her oldest son, she could hardly believe what he was telling her. “Owen and Grandpa Jo were off in this crazy space adventure, playing like kids, and having so much fun,” he said. The timing of this message served as 100 percent validation for Lani that what I’d told her was true– her baby was alive in spirit. Lani said the message was life changing because, from that moment forward, she knew she could trust her oldest son to deliver signs from heaven. And that Owen was never far away.

Empower Your Children

Empower your kids to trust their inner voice and the messages they receive. You can do this by simply allowing them to speak their truth, whatever that may be. When we encourage our children’s natural intuition, they grow more comfortable and confident in themselves. By learning to trust and then act on their “inner knowing” will help them thrive as they grow into adults, including the ability to connect with the Other Side.

Want More Inspiration and Insight?

In my latest book, What The Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well, I share more about how to foster your children’s intuition and spark their connection to the Other Side. If you have a story about receiving poignant messages from the mouths of your babes, I invite you to share it in the comments below. And if you feel guided to share my story with a friend or loved one who may be served by this message, please pass it along!