Life Is Messy: Surrender Fully


I was recently invited on a live early morning radio show to connect listeners with their departed loved ones. I’ve done “radio readings” before and they can be hit or miss. As it is with every reading I do, the spirits are lined up and waiting in the wings, eager to speak through me as soon as I say “go,” but because the radio host has a number of callers in queue that he puts on air in random order, sometimes the living and the departed don’t match up at the right time. This is frustrating for everyone, and to me especially since my sole purpose for being on the show is to make an indisputable connection between the two worlds. As I drove towards the radio station well before sunrise, I started to feel anxious about the possibility of my readings being a miss for the callers. By the next stoplight, I’d worked my mind into a whirlwind of fear-based what-if’s and sweating over how I could control the outcome.

I know from experience that this is not the right headspace for me to do my best work. Fear and control is a sure-fire way to block connection and flow. So I reeled in my mind, took a deep breath and set the intention to show up in service. I focused on being a pure channel between this world and the next and surrender the rest. I asked my guides, “Help me to get out of my controlling mind. Give me faith that I will connect the spirits with the people who need them the most right now. Help me to channel truth, love and light and I give the rest to you.” Moments later, I sat down in front of the microphone and took calls for an hour.  And of course the show flowed beautifully!

Fear and control is a sure-fire way to block connection and flow, so let it go.

What spirits tell me is that Divine order is the only true controlling force. Many of us have tricked ourselves into thinking that if we try hard enough, we can control the details of our lives. That if we let go of our tight grip, everything will fall apart. But the irony is that our fear and control often sabotage our best intentions. We cannot force Divine order and universal flow. Only through the act of surrender can we get into the flow. By surrendering the how, when, where and who, we allow for situations and relationships to flow much more effortlessly. As an added bonus, it is much easier to surrender (although it can be scary at first) because it requires less energy. Holding onto control and trying to force outcomes takes a lot of energy. It’s exhausting! Surrendering control is the release of energy. It feels liberating and light.

You Try It! Surrender the Details

What in your life are you trying to control? What is the outcome that you desire and why do you want it? Be clear on your “what” and your “why”. Write them down in your journal. Create a vision board that illustrates what you want and why you want it. These can be small things, like my desire for the radio show to go well, or a bigger want like moving into a new house. Stay focused on your intentions and take daily steps to manifest them. Then surrender your tight grip on how and when your vision will unfold. Every day, ask your departed loved ones and guides to direct you forward, to be your partner in this exciting, co-creative dance. Meditate and ask for intuitive hits and signs. Ask, what are the next steps I should take? Remember: guidance is often revealed through subtle nudgings, not huge revelations, so pay close attention to inspired thoughts and feelings. The extraordinary is often disguised as the ordinary.

Raise Your VibeRebecca Rosen