Using My Voice: An Inspirational Message From My Dad

Funny how life works. We make all these plans, have all sorts of good intentions, work diligently to construct daily, weekly, monthly schedules for ourselves - and yet, at the end of the day we have little to no control over the outcome. As my favorite quote best sums it up: Man plans and God laughs.  

Today, and for the past couple of days, what I thought I was going to be doing turned out to be a whole lot different than what I am actually doing! As I sit in bed with a cold that resulted in losing my voice (eeek!!!), I’ve had time to reflect on a few things.


Couple that with the fact that, as fate would have it, today marks the 12-year death anniversary of my sweet father, Shelly Perelman. When I meditated this morning, my dad popped in to say “hi.” He asked me, in honor of his memory, to pay a few simple truths forward to those ready and eager to hear. So here it goes…

First, NEVER take anything or anyone for granted, because we never know how long we have in this physical body. So often, it’s only when we lose something that we fully recognize what we once had - from as little as losing our voice to one of the toughest experiences…losing a loved one.  However, rather than living in fear, we can shift our perspective to GRATITUDE & APPRECIATION for the present moment, and just be here now!

Second, the importance of self-care; making time to do for ourselves whatever we need to stay balanced, healthy, and strong so that we may, in turn, continue to show up, serve others, and shine our light.  

And finally, he gave me a new appreciation for how frustrated Spirits may feel at times, no longer having a voice and relying on ME, the medium, to be their voice! It’s hard to explain because words don’t do justice to the feeling around this idea that my dad impressed upon me. I could feel the need and desperation of countless souls eagerly wanting to connect to their living loved ones. For some spirits, they’re lucky because their survivors are aware, available, and attuned to spirit energy and divine communication. However, for most spirits, their living loved ones are walking around shut down, unaware, and desperately grieving their loss.  

My meditation ultimately shifted me from a feeling of frustration to inspiration. And from that inspiration came this message:  

I may have no literal voice in this moment, but I will never stop speaking my truth- Spirit’s truth- in the ongoing hope to inspire, empower, and remind YOU - who is reading this now- that you don’t need me or anyone outside of yourself to tap into your intuitive knowing.

I love getting to be the messenger, the bridge between this world and the Spirit world. But what I love even more is getting the opportunity to open hearts and minds to the knowing that we are eternal beings of light, and that we all have the ability to stay connected to the light and love of our departed loved ones. Just lift up a prayer and trust you are being heard. Then let go and open yourself to receive Divine healing, loving energy, and messages from the Other Side.