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At a recent large audience event in Omaha, I felt the spirit of a man who showed me an image of his death. I saw the scene of a car accident with a man lying face down outside the vehicle. He told me his name—Dan.

I asked the audience who might know this spirit and two hands shot up, those of his living wife and mother. As I walked towards them to deliver messages from beyond, the spirit of Dan flashed the number six in my mind.

“Does this number have any significance?” I asked the women.

“He died right before our six year anniversary,” his wife cried.

I could feel the heavy heartache and burden of guilt both of these women carried. I picked up on their thoughts—they both wondered if they could have interfered to prevent Dan’s death in some way. Could either of them have saved his life?

Dan communicated to me by impressing me with feelings and intuitive knowing that it was 100 percent his time to go. He hadn’t wanted to be saved. He’d been silently suffering for many years and his spirit was now validating his life struggle and apologizing to his living loved ones for any hurt he’d left behind. I had a strong sense that he was coming through now in an attempt to lift some of their should've, could've, would've regrets; the “what if” thoughts they both continued to replay in their minds.

“He wants you both to know that it was his time to go. You’re not responsible for his pain, and he wants you to stop punishing yourselves.”

As soon as I said this, Dan’s spirit started to flash a light bulb in my mind’s eye, so I asked, “What’s the meaning of the light bulb?”

His wife and mother looked at each other in shock.

“The night before he died,” his wife explained, “ he changed a light bulb. It was literally the last thing he did before he went to bed.”

“He’s showing me that he messes with the lights to get your attention,” I added.

“They have been going on and off in the house since the moment she found out about the accident,” Dan’s mother interjected.

“And there’s something else.” Dan’s spirit was showing me the image of a tattoo. “Did either of you get a tattoo recently?”

Again, the two women looked stunned. Dan’s wife lifted up the hem of her pant leg to reveal a tattoo of a light bulb!

“The signs are so clear,” I smiled. “It’s all about light. Literally and metaphorically.When the lights flash in your home, it’s Dan’s spirit letting you know his love for you is still alive, and to remind you to stay in the light, to be the light for your kids, and to feel comforted that he has finally found a way out of the darkness and into the light.”

Love never dies, and while our loved ones may not be here in the physical world, they are always with us in Spirit nudging us to LIVE FULLY AND BE THE LIGHT.

See The SignsRebecca Rosen