Celebrity Sighting on the Other Side


At a recent large audience reading in Florida, I asked, “whose father died suddenly of a heart attack? I’m also getting that a daughter of his sang a special song for him at his funeral.”

At the mention of the “song,” two women raised their hands. “That’s our dad,” they nearly shouted. “I wrote and sang a song at his funeral,”  said one.

I had the strong sense that the spirit speaking to me was a very wise and advanced soul, and once his daughters validated his presence, he began providing me with a current of information.

“He’s showing me a book,” I said, “that he’s ‘downloading’ to one of you to write on his behalf—like a co-writer in spirit or a ghostwriter in the literal sense!”

“Dad was a pretty well-known spiritual teacher and author in life,” said one of the women. “We wrote a book together before he died,” “And I’m working on another right now.”

I said, “You’re helping to carry on his legacy and now, he’s guiding and protecting his living loved ones from the Other Side.” As I said this, the spirit showed me a car accident, like a scene playing out in my mind’s eye. I asked,” Did you recently have a close call while driving?”

One of the women gasped, “two days ago while I was driving the kids, I almost T-boned at an intersection. I really felt like Dad had somehow stepped in to protect us in that moment.”

“He’s validating that this is true,” I said. “If it’s not yet our time to go, then Divine Intervention will come into play to protect and guide us out of harm’s way. In this case, your dad saved the day.”

After the event, this woman and her sister introduced themselves to me—the daughters of the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, internationally renowned spiritual teacher and one of my favorite self-help authors and mentors! I was blown away that Dr. Dyer had been whispering in my ear all night long. I shared with them that their dad’s spirit had visited me in a dream just a year before.

“I intuitively knew that one day I would cross paths with his family, but I had no clue when, where, or how that would come to be. And now,” I said, “here you are. While I never got to personally meet your dad in life, I was honored to ‘meet’ him in my dreams.”

For the next few days after the audience reading, I was star and spirit struck, and have continued to take great comfort in the knowing that Dr. Dyer’s presence continues to permeate and guide the living towards spiritual awakening. His transformative work lives on.

If you haven’t yet, join me at one of my upcoming events and feel what it means to be “spirit struck” from the Other Side. Your departed loved ones await you, in hopes to remind you that you are never alone and that they continue to support and guide you in spirit.

See The SignsRebecca Rosen