Feeling Is Believing


Validation, confirming things that only you would know, is how your departed loved ones prove to you that they are still with you and that feeling of “connection” to them is real.  Whether in a large group setting or small groups, I ask Spirit for indisputable proof of their presence and consider it a good night when the validations come fast and furious, one after another, granting me the awesome privilege of acting as a healing bridge between this world and the next.

At a recent audience event in Denver, I’d channeled messages from beyond for nearly two hours. I was about to wrap up when I felt a strong, intuitive tug. A male spirit, who announced himself as Taylor, stepped forward into my mind’s eye. I asked the audience, “I have one more. Who knows a Taylor who took his own life?” I looked around the room for someone to claim him and no one did. I continued to scan the crowd. Finally, in the back row, a man nudged the woman next to him to stand up. “Taylor was my ex-husband,” she confirmed. “And yes, he died from an overdose.”

“He’s here now,” I said, “and he’s coming through to apologize to your young daughter for his choices, and also to acknowledge your new husband for stepping into her life as a strong, male role model.”

        The woman took in a short breath and looked down at the man seated next to her.

        “Is that your husband?” I asked.

        She nodded. “Taylor likes him. His wish is that you be happy. To move on and find joy again.”

        As I said this, I felt the presence of another male spirit step forward and join Taylor.

“Who is Tom?” I wondered aloud.

“That’s my dad,” said the man. He stood up to join his wife.

“He’s here, too. He and Taylor are together on the Other Side looking out for your stepdaughter whose feeling scared. They’re saying it’s time you talk to her about the afterlife. She’s ready.”

The couple looked at each other in disbelief. “She’s been asking so many questions and we were just saying how maybe it was time we tell her something.”

        “Is she afraid at night?” I asked.

They’re nodding their heads. “Yes, she is having a difficult time sleeping.”

“Remind her that she’s never alone. Help her demystify the  ‘monsters in her room’ by letting her know that her Dad, Taylor, and other loving spirits are acting as her protectors. They’re her guardian angels. This awareness should comfort her.”

        The couple took each other’s hands. “We’ll tell her.”

        “And one last thing,” I said to the man, “Tom is showing me a golf course. He’s giving me the feeling that he really wants you to go play golf. Does this make any sense?”

        He began to cry. “That was the last thing we did together. Literally, we played a game of golf and he died days later.”

        “He wants you to play again. He’s giving you permission to move forward and enjoy life. That’s what the dead want most for the living.”

No one has a more direct connection to your departed loved ones than you do. So, ask them to provide you with signs, validation and proof that they are still with you. Be open to receive messages from beyond and remember that feeling is believing. Intuitive tugs, inspired thoughts and a strong sense of clarity is how Spirit speaks to and through you. For more validating connections, watch this clip from a recent event, and if you’re interested in attending an upcoming small group reading where each individual participant will receive validations from beyond, visit here.