What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well: Relationship Guidance


It’s natural to experience challenges in our relationships, and sometimes we require a little extra guidance when determining how to navigate them. Luckily, what I’ve learned is that we all have a “Ground Crew” that we turn to at any time for direction. Read this excerpt from my new book, What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well, to learn more:

On a daily basis, clients come to me who are confused, angry, or suffering from a personal relationship that’s fraught with difficulty—and they don’t know why. In some cases it’s a relationship with a loved one who has passed on, but more often the problem is with someone who is still living. In both situations, what I’m able to do for my clients and what I strive to do for myself is explore and resolve their conflict on a spiritual level, which in turn affects how they view the conflict in the real world. Once we each have a better understanding of what others are bringing to the relationship from a spiritual perspective—is it helping or hindering us—we can be more thoughtful about whom we let into our lives, and in doing so, purposefully assemble a life team, or “ground crew,” that serves us best. I will often ask for relationship guidance when I’m unclear what purpose a specific relationship might have for me. I’ll ask my departed loved ones and guides: please work with me to reveal the truth when I cannot see it clearly. Is this person good for me, or bad for me? Is this a true friend? A “challenge” that I can learn from? Or a dead-end I should give myself permission to say goodbye to? (Typically, if I have a negative reaction with a strong emotional charge to someone’s personality or vibe, this is a clear sign to me that I have unresolved issues within myself that need to be addressed.) Guide me in the direction of people whose energy is loving and supportive and who will positively help me to learn and grow. My guidance has encouraged me to trust that opportunities and people who will benefit me most will be introduced to me when I need them most.

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