To Be Continued


The other morning, I woke up to the song “Blackbird” by the Beatles. The lyrics were loud and clear, replaying over and over in my mind. But the song wasn’t actually, audibly playing; it was in my head and that was my sign that I was receiving some kind of message from beyond, likely for someone in my group reading later that day. As I often do, I filed the information away as a “to be continued,” got out of bed and got on with my morning.

An hour or so later, I started to feel the spirit of a young male pushing through from the Other Side to make his presence known. I even thought I saw him out of the corner of my eye. I’d turn to catch him and – no one was there. These were the mental tricks this young spirit played on me all morning long. No question, he had my attention!

Fast-forward to later that afternoon when I dropped into deep meditation to prepare for my group reading. I began to hear “Haven,” which is my daughter’s name. Since she popped into my mind with no attached thought or feeling, I interpreted this as another sign for someone in my group. I felt confident that the pieces would soon come together as they always do.

The Pieces Always Comes Together

When I sat down with my group of eight, I acknowledged that the presence of Spirit was strong and had been nudging me all day. I began by sharing the “Haven”  reference and asked if someone in the group had lost a child.

An outwardly grieving woman to my right spoke up. “I did. Five months ago…my son Hayden.”

Wow. First validation. The spirit of Hayden was using a personal reference point of mine– my daughter, Haven—to get me to say his name. Hayden then communicated through me that he’d orchestrated a reconnection and healing between his mom and her living brother.

She gasped, “That is exactly what happened.” She explained that when her son died, she was estranged from her family, and in particular her brother. “But Hayden’s death brought us back together,” she said, “and we’re closer than we’ve ever been.”

I then went on to make many more powerful validations of Hayden’s presence, including mention of a necklace that he wanted his father to wear. Hayden’s mom pulled a chain out from under her blouse and said, “He was wearing this the day he died.”

“Who is Michael?” I was prompted to ask.

“That’s Hayden’s dad!” she nearly blurted.

“Hayden wants Dad to have that necklace. He’s making me feel like his dad is really struggling with his death and he needs to feel the energy of his son close to him, near his heart, to help him heal.”

“How do you know all this?” she asked me point blank. “Did you look me up?”

I get this question from time to time. And I chalk it up to healthy skepticism.

How do I know what I know?

They tell me.

And to prove that I’m not making it up, or Googling it up, I ask spirits to share things that I could never know. I did this now. I mentally asked Hayden, share with me something that NO ONE but your mom would know to help ease her mind of doubt and fear and prove to her that this is real.

He showed me a broken foot bone.

She then slipped off her shoe and revealed to the group her bandaged broken toe that happened just a few weeks ago.

I thought to myself, way to go Hayden!

Once I felt confident that his mother believed the spirit of her son was truly in the room, I moved on. I read nearly everyone in the group by bringing forth undeniable proof that their departed loved ones were with them again in the physical world. As I began to wrap up the session, the song “Black Bird” came through again, loud and clear. I’d nearly forgotten that I’d heard these lyrics on repeat earlier that morning.

“Black bird,” I said out loud. “This must be a sign for someone in the room.”

“It’s for me,” said Hayden’s mom. “That’s the name of the business where my son worked. When he didn’t show one morning, that’s when we knew.”

“He’s been playing this song in my head all morning!” The signs and validation had come full circle. “He’s been so eager to be heard and connect with you. When you hear this song, recognize it as a sign that he is with you.”

With spirit, it’s never “goodbye,” but “to be continued.” This is what the departed want us to know. And they are constantly dropping hints, signs and synchronicities into our lives to wake us up to this truth. Our only job is to open our minds, hearts and eyes to see and believe.

If you’re interested in making a connection to a departed loved one, consider attending a small group reading or a large audience event. With every reading I do, my hope is that you receive the message you need to hear to move through your grief and become present, at peace and hopeful about your life moving forward.