Spirits Early Arrival


Spirits start to file into my headspace days, and sometimes weeks, leading up to a reading. They often sense the thoughts building up about them and the reading experience about to unfold, and since spirits don’t have a concept of time and space in the 5th-dimensional world like we do in this dimension, they often arrive early in eager anticipation.

I’ve experienced this buffer of time and space thousands of times—the minute I “open for business” and allow spirits to start channeling through my crown chakra and third eye center, I often get messages and names of the departed that don’t always fit with the person(s) sitting before me. But if the spirit is persistent and adamant on being heard, I will continue to relay the information until I find the rightful owner.

For example, I went on vacation a couple weeks ago. I put up the closed sign to the Other Side so I could have some “me” time. As it is with everyone, I periodically need a break and time away from my work to recharge my mind-body-spirit batteries. The minute I returned to my office, I started to clairauidently hear, clairvoyantly see, and clairsentiently feel the spirits lined up, out the door and down the street, eager to flow messages through me.

On Monday morning, I started the day with a small group reading. A male spirit named “David” who showed me that he’d died by freak accident came through. Then, a “Jimmy” came through who’d taken his own life, followed by a “Tom”, another young male who’d died suddenly from a heart attack. These spirits were adamant on making a connection with the living, but not one person in the group claimed them.  I kept pressing, encouraging the group to think outside their immediate family and friends. Spirits will often use anyone who's listening to get through his or her message. I continued to ask the group about these three names, knowing what I was getting was loud and clear. Still, no takers. So I filed the names away, and waited for them to reveal themselves at a later time.

And sure enough, that’s exactly what happened.  

Tuesday morning: a woman sat down in my office and “Tom” burst through to make his presence known. It was her recently deceased fiancé who’d died of a heart attack just one year ago. She burst into tears, claiming that she’d felt him all week, and especially the day before when I’d called out his name in the group reading. Aha!

Wednesday morning: The first reading of the day was with a woman over the phone, and the first spirit to show up, jumping up and down in excitement was a younger male who died by suicide. “He’s telling me his name is Jimmy,” I said. She started to cry and said he was exactly whom she needed to hear from, and why she set up the session. Jimmy was her brother-in-law who died a few months ago from overdosing on drugs and alcohol. Needless to say, the manner of his death left his family with many unanswered questions and tremendous sadness and pain. Jimmy came through to assist in alleviating some of his family’s grief and suffering, and start the healing process.

Thursday morning: In my first reading, I asked, “Who’s David? I’m sensing that he’s someone’s husband, boyfriend, or brother who died tragically in some sort of accident.” The dots didn’t connect so in my second reading, I asked again, “Who’s David? A male spirit named David is coming through.” Again, a resounding NO. Finally, in my third reading of the day, I spoke to a woman over the phone. I said to her, “ Dear God, please tell me you know who David is because he has been with me all week and he’s absolutely relentless today! Any clue?”  Well, before I could even finish my question, she started screaming and crying, and explained that David was her soul mate and former husband, who died tragically in a ski accident over 10 years ago. While it’s expected that a spirit who is a soulmate will come through with a strong emotional need to connect, generally spirits aren’t as eager if it’s been more than five years since their death. Typically, by this time, both the living and the departed have had time to absorb the initial shock, resolve the death and heal to a strong degree. But in this case, I could feel that David was acting as his wife’s protector and guide. I shared with her my sense that her deceased husband wanted her to feel validated in her current relationship. “He wants you to feel loved, cherished, and adored by your living husband, but there’s something going on that he doesn’t like,” I said. She began to sob and explained that she’d been on my waiting list for years and that the timing of this reading could not have been more perfect. For the past three days, she’d been calling on David to help her with her unhappy marriage and emotionally abusive husband. AHA! That’s why this spirit had been so insistent to come through. He’d heard his wife’s call! And he wanted her to know that he’d answered it!

I said, “He’s showing me a bottle of wine that he’s going to send you from afar. Does this make sense?” She couldn’t believe it—just the day before, she had bid on an auction item from her child’s school, a case of wine from Spain! When she got home and opened the case, one bottle was missing so she spent a good hour on the phone with the school, trying to track down the missing bottle. They assured her that they would replace it, and I told her, “It’s coming from your late husband. He’s sending it to you as a gift.”

I share these stories with you to help you better understand how Spirit works. Spirit communication is not a perfect science and the medium doesn’t always have control over who comes through, when and how the connection will play out. When asking for signs or validation from the Other Side, be patient with the process. Try not to slip into doubt if it’s not coming together in the moment, and simply download the information and trust that in time, the Universe will bring it full circle.