Another Opportunity to Be The Light

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You may be feeling it and not be conscious of it. The energy on this planet is undergoing a seismic shift from a 3D timeline into the 5D and beyond.   You can find a detail description of the difference here. This shift began years ago and has been in high acceleration since the end of 2012, and if you’re an empath like me, and highly sensitive to energy, you’re feeling it! Common signs are: disrupted sleep patterns and anxiety; difficulty being in environments with loud noises, bright lights, and large crowds; dietary preferences changing and weight fluctuations; increased intuitive abilities, vivid dreams, and feeling like you don’t belong in your body, or this world.

Just last week we woke up to the news of yet another high profile celebrity, Anthony Bourdain, had died by suicide. Days before, we received similar news about Kate Spade. For me, this news hits very close to home because I’ve been on the receiving end in my own home. My grandmother and father both died in an all-too-similar way, and my heart grows heavy and goes out to every family who has been impacted by suicide.

Why Does This Continue To Happen?

The most recent data shows that suicide rates have increased in nearly every state over the past two decades, accounting for nearly 45,000 deaths in 2016 alone. And a new study points to many different circumstances and factors that contribute to suicide.

"It's not just a mental health concern," says Deborah Stone,  a behavioral scientist at the CDC and the lead author of the new study (see link below).

What Spirit has shown me validates Stone’s point.  In readings and meditation, spirits have communicated that addition to the mental imbalance and severe depression that often leads to suicide, these individuals also feel generally overwhelmed, separate and alone, and afraid. The intensity of this Earth plane, which can create a disconnect from our Higher Self (or soul), over time, becomes too much to bear.

In the months, weeks or days leading up to a suicide, individuals may not be consciously aware of this disconnect. And if they are, they likely don’t understand why they’re feeling so desperate and alone, but the desire to escape their living hell becomes all consuming. Again, what Spirit has relayed to me countless times is that once they’ve crossed over, these individuals do feel relief.  There is no more duality, no more feelings of separation and aloneness. and they are able to soak up all the positive vibes of Source...pure, unconditional love and healing energy. At the same time, they quickly comprehend that they’ll have to pick up where they left off in life and deal with and heal from any unresolved issues they left behind. This “work” can sometimes be easier to finish in the gentler, more loving environment of the spirit world.

Without a doubt, this world can be cruel at times, beating us up and breaking us down to the point where our light is so dim that all we see is darkness. But in every shattering, there becomes room for light to shine through the cracks. There is no real silver lining to suicide—I miss my dad every day and regret that he’s not with me. But his death inspires me to Be the Light, to show up every day and spread my love. We can all do this. The world needs more light!

While we cannot control another’s life experience, we do have full authority over our own. We can reach out to someone we sense may be struggling and suffering, and lift their spirits with a kind word, a listening ear, or a simple smile. Given the right help, resources, and care in their desperate time of need, we hold the potential of prevention. Look for opportunities to Be the Light and help people find their way out of the dark and back into LIFE.