We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.

This past weekend, I was home alone with my two year old daughter Haven, while my three step daughters were out of town and my two boys were with their dad. It was wonderful quality time, just she and I, and so rare these days now that Chris and I have blended our family of 8! There’s always someone around and so many moving parts. Weekends tend to be quieter when the older kids split off leaving Chris and I alone to cherish some intimate time with our little Haven. But this weekend, he was gone for work, and I found myself experiencing a mix of emotions. At the core was a sense of loss for an easier, less complicated time, and fear of more complexity and unpredictable change down the road. You know, life.

I decided to be brave and sit with my unsettled feelings and discomfort. Every time I felt anxiety rise up in me, I prayed, “I lift it up, and I let it go.” While I said the prayer, I visualized giving my fear to God to be healed and transformed. As I handed it over, I visualized my body filling up with a connection to God’s light and love. From that heartfelt and healing place, I energetically beamed my light and love to Chris. Twice, after doing so, he either randomly texted or called me, serving as validation that we were connected and he’d “received” my love.

With my anxiety (at least, temporarily) soothed, I was able to fully enjoy my daughter, my sweet Haven. We played and laughed. She’s a ball of love and her magical presence helps to shift me out of fear and back to love. She was exactly what I needed! And if I hadn’t already recognized this, I received validation when the total bill at the toy store I took her was  $26.28! (628 is my special sign from Spirit that serves to remind me that I’m Divinely guided.)

Later that afternoon while Haven napped, I journaled my earlier discomfort. It always feels good to dump it all onto the page and get it out of my head. Again, I asked for help to be adaptable, light, and graceful as my family continues to move through change. My guides answered the call. They came through in my pages (a process called automatic writing) and made reference to a caterpillar shedding its cocoon and becoming a beautiful butterfly. I understood the message: embrace change, already. Stay hopeful and trust in God’s plan. Everything will work itself out in the right time.

A few hours later, Haven and I were back to playing in my bedroom. We were playing hide and seek and I hid in my closet when out of nowhere a huge, beautiful monarch butterfly flew out from my hanging clothes and fluttered around the room for 20 minutes! This clear sign from Spirit brought me to tears. When I looked up the symbolism of a butterfly, the angel bumps traveled up and down my arms-- big time!

Butterfly Symbolism

This animal totem is primarily associated with the symbolism of change and transformation, and the ability to go through important changes with grace, lightness and playfulness.