Spirit Meets Us Where We’re At

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I’ve been working in the spirit world long enough to know that we’re all at different points on our spiritual journey, ranging from off the charts enlightened and “woke” to completely unconscious and shut down. Wherever you are, the beauty is: Spirit judges not. Our human tendency is to label things as good or bad, right or wrong, but the big Spirit in the sky is neutral and views our lives and life, just as it is.


When I work with clients, I set the intention to do the same—to suspend judgment and meet people right where they are, just as Spirit meets us where we are in our soul’s evolution.  And then, see what happens—

A few weeks ago, a woman named Anne brought four of her closest friends in for a small group reading. Anne was a total believer, excited to share this special experience with those she loved. Also eager to please was Jane, Anne’s mother-in-law— who came through in spirit. She came busting in through the Other Side as soon as we all sat down. I recognized this spirit; she’d been following me all morning long! She wanted me to mention the “jewelry,” and as soon as I did, Anne confirmed: that’s my mother-in-law!  She dug into her purse and pulled out a pouch full of jewelry that Jane had left to her in her will.

I said, “she’s showing me red slippers, like you have her slippers...do you get that?”  

Anne’s mouth fell open and she pulled out a pendant of slippers covered in precious red gems. Anne shared that her mother-in-law had always loved the Wizard of Oz, and she’d specifically left this piece for Anne. Wow!

Anne hadn’t needed much convincing that the dead are never truly gone, but now she had proof. A couple of her friends, though, looked less convinced. So, I continued—

“A spirit named Dan is here, too,” I said. “Who knew this person?”

And just like I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times, the disbeliever seated next to Anne whispered, “that could be my husband who died.”

Dan validated that his spirit was with her by first mentioning the rug she’d just bought for the house. She laughed and shared that just yesterday she spent the entire day trying to find the perfect rug for her entry way!

“Our deceased loved ones will often follow us around hours and days before a reading like this,” I explained, “to gather random information like ‘buying a rug’  to use as proof that they are still with you. That love never dies.”

Dan’s wife was now in tears.

“Now that you believe he is really in the room, he wants me to give you ‘permission’ to move on and open your heart to someone new.”

I paused as Dan downloaded me with more insights.

“Did you recently date a man named Ron?” I asked.

Her friends looked at her, and Anne smiled and looked down.

“You did!?!” they all said in unison.

Her friends didn’t know she was dating, but Dan sure did!

“We went on a few dates,” she admitted. “But I wasn’t really feeling it.”

“Dan’s giving me the sense that this was just a starting point, and that if you open the door, love will find you again.”

By the end of the reading, I had the sense that Anne’s friends experienced a shift. I had met them where they were and now they had gained an awareness of something bigger. When we suspend disbelief and open up to the possibility that there is a world beyond what we can see, we move on to the next point in our spiritual journey.

Where are you today? And where do you want to go next?

Raise Your VibeRebecca Rosen