Kindness Is Not Random

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The day before a recent large audience reading at the Soiled Dove, my ex-husband Brian asked me if I had any tickets left. The event was sold out, but sometimes I hold back a handful of seats that I offer to friends, family and clients as “gifts.”

Brian said, “My neighbor Ann knows a grieving woman who really needs to be there, and if you have any tickets left, giving one to her would be a big “mitzvah,” (which means—good deed in Hebrew). Her husband died by suicide and she’s desperately seeking closure.”

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I smiled because I literally had just 2 tickets left. In fact, earlier that day I’d prayed and asked Spirit to find whoever needed them most. Brian’s request felt like that nudge from Spirit I’m trained to notice, and so I answered without hesitation: “Yes, let’s give them to Ann and her friend.”

So, Ann invited her friend Kate to the live event, a first-of-a-kind experience for her. And while Kate’s husband did not come through in spirit, Anne wrote me afterwards that her friend’s grief was lifted nonetheless, and that Kate was so appreciative for the gifted ticket. “She left the event feeling hopeful that death was not the end,” Ann wrote.

Fast forward a few months—

I heard back from Ann. She’d randomly (but not!) run into Kate at a holiday party. She was so happy to see Ann and thanked her for “saving her life.” Kate said that because of Ann’s kind gesture of inviting her to the event at the Soiled Dove, she’d become more curious about the afterlife. This led her to sign up for a small group reading with me, hoping that I might finally make a connection with her deceased husband.

Kate shared with Ann that in a more intimate setting, I was able to make a strong and validating connection to her husband who answered many of her questions and alleviated much of her grief. Kate said that up to that point, she struggled to get out of bed in the morning, weighed down by hurt, pain and an unrelenting dialogue of “what if’s” that plagued her day after day.

Ann expressed to me how incredible it felt to do something good for her friend, and she thanked me for “helping me help my friend find new life in the aftermath.”

The pleasure was all mine. But, really, don’t thank me—thank Spirit! I was just acting as a messenger. Spirit wanted Kate to have those last 2 tickets all along, and prompted Ann, and then Brian and then me to help orchestrate and put a Divine plan into play.

Nothing is random.

When we get a random idea or an inspired thought to help someone, it’s not always our own. Spirits communicate with us by telepathically impressing our minds and bodies with thoughts and feelings that seem to come out of the blue. Quite actually, they are deliberate prompts from the Other Side. When we willingly accept the call and have the courage to follow through delivering the message, we are doing our part as active co-creators with Spirit. This is what it means to “be the light” because we are selflessly showing up, no strings attached, to make someone else’s life easier or more joyful in some way.

So, the next time you feel compelled to a deliver a random act of kindness without any conscious reason or understanding as to ‘why,’ just follow your feelings! Recognize that impulse as Divine Guidance, TRUST that Spirit has a plan, and feel good about your role in being the light!

This week is Random Acts of Kindness Week, which may be the perfect time to put this to the test!  You may feel more inspired to spread some kindness this week, but remember that we always have an opportunity to make that connection with Spirit and be the messenger.