Open Up and Let Love In

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Recently I was in Birmingham, Michigan, conducting small group readings. Every time I go to Birmingham, I stay in the same hotel that my dad last lived in before he passed away. In fact, for a short period of time we both stayed there, and so returning to this space that holds so many happy memories is a sentimental experience for me.

Not long after I arrived in town and as I so often do when traveling, I put on my running shoes and headed outside for a brisk walk to ground myself in my new environment. As I did, I thought to myself that I would love to receive a vivid sign that my dad was with me. So I mentally put it out there. I said, “Okay dad, show me a license plate with your name on it or a dime.” (Spirits tend to use license plates to communicate with me and dimes have long been a recurring sign from my dad. When I stumble upon one, I intuitively know he is behind it.)

I knew that asking for these specific signs was a tall order, but why not ask for “proof” and see if Spirit can work its magic? I walked for about 30 more minutes and just as I turned the corner to head back to the hotel, a dime dropped directly in front of me onto the sidewalk and my  jaw similarly dropped open. Where on earth (or more like heaven!) did that dime come from? I saw it fall to the ground, literally, out of nowhere! I verbally acknowledged my dad’s presence and his amazing manifesting skills from the Other Side. “Good job, Dad,” I said aloud.

I went to bed later that night still feeling his presence with me, supporting and comforting me from beyond. And if that weren’t enough, the next morning, I woke up and checked my phone. I’d received a text the night before from my ex-husband, Brian, who knew my dad and my signs from him well. “The text read: Just saw 4MYSHEL license plate.” Just like I had when the dime dropped out of the sky, I stared at the text in amazement. Shelly was my dad’s name and people often called him “Shel.” Add to that, Brian had no idea I’d requested a license plate sign from Dad the night before. He’d used Brian to deliver the message I’d asked for. “Ha!” I said out loud again.

Even to me, it’s pretty remarkable what happens when you set the intention to invite Spirit into your life and ask for a little divine intervention. It may not be immediate (or as literal as my recent experience), but if you are open to receiving signs from beyond they will appear. I have witnessed clients experience this so many countless times that I know it to be true.

If you want to feel the presence of Spirit, reach out as if you were calling an old friend. If your friend does not answer initially and your call goes to voicemail,  leave a message asking for him or her to get back to you when they can. After that, release your expectations of when they’ll get back in touch with you but trust that they will connect when the time is right. Our deceased loved ones, spirit guides and angels respond to us when we’re most in need of support, comfort and the reassurance that they’re present with us. Spirit has communicated to me over and over again that none of us are truly alone in this life. Love surrounds us all the time, but it is the responsibility of each of us to open up and let love in.

Have you asked for a “sign” from beyond and received it at just the right time?  Share your story or leave a comment below.