Out of Darkness, Into Light

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I’m going to get real and talk about something that I personally find a bit uncomfortable—Darkness. Dark entities and dark thoughts. They are one in the same, really, because everything is energy. On one end of the spectrum is Love/Light and at the other end is Fear/Dark with a range of both in between. Our true essence within—our God Spark—dwells in the realm of Love and Light. But sometimes, when we become disconnected from our spark within, either mentally or physically, we can fall prey to dark forces, which can influence us to think negative thoughts and make choices out of fear.

I’m not in agreement with darkness. I am in agreement with light and only the light and the divinity within me..jpg

The following story from a recent, small group reading powerfully illustrates this point… and is only one of many stories that have urged me to pass on this message now

A young male spirit named Sam who died by suicide came through to reconnect with his mom who was still living. I could feel that Sam was an empath- a very gentle, kind, loving soul, who’d wrestled for years with dark thoughts and feelings. At peace now, Sam communicated (through me acting as the medium) that he wished he would have had the spiritual awareness and tools when he was alive to help him with his depression, and now it was his sincere desire to help anyone struggling as he did, to find hope, healing and inner peace.

As I was channeling the spirit of Sam, I intuitively turned my attention to the woman sitting to the left of Sam’s mom. This woman told me her name was Nathalie and I immediately picked up on her deep depression. When I asked Nathalie if she was struggling with dark thoughts, she started crying, expressing, “I’ve been in such a bad place.” She said she’d been praying to God for help, which had guided her to travel across the country to attend my small group reading. Nathalie admitted she was suicidal, and this was her last attempt to find a way out of her darkness and get back to her life. Right then, I got a clairvoyant hit. In my mind’s eye I saw an evil eye amulet that Nathalie was supposed to wear on her body as an intention to rid herself of dark entities and call in protection.

I asked her if she had something like an evil eye necklace?

“No,” Nathalie shook her head, and as she did, Sam’s mom (sitting directly to her right), turned to her and began to take off a necklace she was wearing.  “I have one, right here,” she said. “It was my son’s.” And right on cue, the spirit of Sam jumped up and down and nudged me to say, “Please pass it on to her. She needs it!”

Sam’s mom explained that her son had worn the necklace every day of his young adult life and when he passed, she started wearing it as a reminder of him and as a means to stay connected with him on the Other Side. At this point, the whole room had chills and Nathalie was in tears. I felt the presence of Nathalie’s angels and guides impress upon on me that they’d been orchestrating this event behind the scenes. This moment was meant to bring Nathalie back into alignment with the God spark within her. I did notice a brightening of her spirit as Sam’s mom removed the necklace and hand it to her. It was a powerful and beautiful miracle to witness, as Spirit and this amazing mother showed up to help this desperate and lonely woman.

*** If you or someone you know can relate to this story, please know you are not alone. You have a team in spirit waiting in the wings to jump in and help! All they need is your permission to intervene, and once you place the call, miracles start to unfold.***

Beware of Dark Energy!

If you find yourself in a funk, feeling off or downright depressed, I encourage you to talk with your doctor and get a professional evaluation to rule out any mental imbalance and need for medication. The next step is to recognize that just as there is good in the world, there is also evil and dark forces. As one of my energy healers explained to me, fear is food for dark entities and they prey on those who are mentally unstable, hormonal, vulnerable, depressed, ungrounded or insecure, and especially those who abuse alcohol and drugs. This dark energy vibrates at the same energy level of drugs like heroin, and when people abuse substances they can become easily programmed and possessed. Furthermore, when people engage in or irresponsibly use rituals such as seances, black magic, or satanic rituals they invite in these dark forces that can cling to one’s mind, body and energetic field long after the experience is over.

True Story—

I’ve experienced this firsthand. In my household of four teenagers, they’ve held seances and played around with Wiccan rituals that have invited in dark entities that haunted them and our house for days on end, creating accidents, bad dreams, dark thoughts and feelings, and downright creepy energy in the hallways. Talk about a nightmare! In addition to me, it took a few energy healers to clean up the house and rid it of these predator energies.

Tools to Fight Back

If you’re in a place of darkness, how do you take your power back? Get out of fear and into love by calling all of your energy back; by breaking all agreements with these entities and lower thought forms like doubt, fear, worry, insecurity and general negativity.

Say:  I’m not in agreement with darkness. I am in agreement with light and only the light and the divinity within me. Recite this like a mantra over and over again.

Practice #1: Call in God, your guides, Archangel Michael and any other beings of light that resonate with you. Ask for their help in shifting you out of fear and into love. In your mind’s eye, imagine pulling gold light in through your crown and down throughout your body. Simultaneously, imagine golden light flowing up through your feet and out through your crown, creating a bubble of white light protection all around you. This practice will raise your energetic frequency so that you’re back in alignment with your higher self and no longer a match to lower frequencies.

Practice #2: Flip the switch with gratitude. When you can get out of your head and into your heart, this naturally raises your vibration making you a match with the higher frequencies of light and love. Truly, practicing gratitude is like walking into a dark room and flipping on the light. It’s that powerful. Not only will it shift your vibration, but also of those around you. This is what it means to BE THE LIGHT!