Small group readings allow me to do what I do best—connect the living with spirits on the other side. Throughout these two-hour sessions, I can pass on profound and healing messages directly from your deceased loved ones in a safe, supportive and intimate setting.

Believe it or not, each group comes together for reasons that are only revealed by spirits once the reading is underway. In this way, no two groups are ever the same—it’s magical stuff! In addition to providing collective wisdom to the group, I’m able to deliver many personalized and validating messages to every individual in attendance.

I currently offer small group events at my Denver office on a weekly basis. I also travel the country offering eight-person small group readings in select cities. Attending an eight-person group reading means even more personalized validations and healing messages delivered directly to you from your deceased loved ones.

Spots in my small group readings are available on a first-come, first-served basis when availability exists. Be sure to sign up for my email list to get the details before they are available to the public!


What to Expect

  • Sessions run a full two hours

  • Each participant receives an individual reading

  • A recording of the session will be provided to all participants

  • Set the intention for your soul's healing and highest good

  • Gain validation and information for yourself through others’ readings

  • Share in the camaraderie of a small group dynamic

Unable to attend a Small Group Reading?

Then you might want to take a chance at a very special opportunity. I offer FREE 30-minute private readings throughout the year to give you additional opportunities to connect. These can be conducted in person or over the phone.

But first, you’ll need to do a little work! Sign up for my email list and then describe, in 500 words or less, why you believe you would benefit from a reading. Click the link below to join!


The first reading in Denver last year was a huge change for the better. It brought my husband back to life following our son’s suicide almost 4 years ago. I feel lighter and happier in general. I feel my love for my son continues to be a blessing for him.
— Didi P.
Hearing everyone’s stories. Rebecca is so caring and wants to help bring a connection with our loved ones. I truly have felt more comfortable day to day know that my husband Brian is near me and watching over me and my boys daily. I have longed for this feeling since his accident over a year ago. I see a lot of signs but I just never knew what they all meant. Now I do thanks to Rebecca.
— Joan O.