I saw you a long time ago on Dr. Oz show and found you very interesting…you popped in my head again some time after my dad died. I bought two of your books and started to read them. It helps me so much! I am very grateful.

Also, I was reading your blog today and loved what you said about “…anytime soul dies within 30 days of their birthday, it means, they came full circle with their life’s plan and finished what they came to earth to do.” It brings lots of relief since my dad died 6 days before his.

I am originally from The Czech Republic but live in Minnesota now. I hope to be able to see you in Midwest soon! 😊

Thank you again for your “out of this world” work!
— Silvie N

I just finished reading your book, What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well and wanted to thank you for writing another amazing book. There were many times that I felt like it was speaking directly to me and it felt so uplifting and strengthened my connection with my team spirit.

I had a baby girl a couple weeks after you had Haven, so the parts of you speaking of her really hit home. ❤ I feel such a strong connection with my daughter and really grew spiritually while I was pregnant with her. During a reading I was told that this is only her first life and that she is here to teach us unconditional love, which kind of surprised me because I feel like I have known her forever.

Thank you again and God bless!
— Stephanie T

I saw this spirit plate over the summer, and my jaw dropped. I lost my best friend of 30 years in September 2015. Her name was Kim, and her husband’s name – well, ex husband – was Jim. Although they divorced, I truly believe they were soulmates. Love getting those signs from the people we love so much who are no longer here. It’s a realization that they actually ARE here.

I’ve been to a private reading with you, you are truly amazing. I’m so looking forward to reading your new book, especially after reading some of the pages on Amazon. Like you, I got divorced in 2012, and all of our friends and family were stunned. Chris and I had known each other since we were 16. I truly felt like he was my soulmate. I’ve since remarried, and this person happens to also be from high school, and my first love. Reading the excerpt where you spoke about Brian completely resonated with me. The confusion I’ve had has finally become crystal clear. And I feel I have two soulmates. I also feel blessed to have married the first two men I had ever loved.
— Robin G

Just finished your book. I’ve been aware of my ability as a psychic medium for years, but only began working to develop it over the past 4 years. At one point recently I shut down, in despair of “nothing working.” Your book “Spirited” caught my eye as I was shelving in our local library, where I work one day a week. Although I figured it would be “old” information, what I found was inspiration to get back into contact with my guides and try again.

I am heavily guided by angels, and rely on them for a lot of help – but I sort of left my guides at the side of the road when I bolted a few months ago. Thanks for the kick in the rear to get back where I know I belong. I may never become famous for doing what I do, but I realized I need to do it anyway. And if I can help just one other person, the work will be worth it.
— Beckie H.

Hi Rebecca- I met you at Small Group and had a wonderful time in that small setting. I was then in Cancun and met with a family who had lost a son to suicide. I told them all about you and then found out they are also from Denver… coincidence, or just meant to be? HA!

The mom just texted me that she and her family met with you and had the most wonderful experience. She said her son and her parents came through right away and the session was life changing for them. You are oxygen to the heart!!!

As a therapist I think the work you do with people is beyond beneficial to the process I do with them so I hope to have more people that overlap over the years.

Be well!
— Lori W. - Los Angeles, CA