A Perspective on Life, After Suicide, From the Spirits

If there’s one area of death I (unfortunately) know all too well it’s suicide. Both my grandmother and my father died by suicide due to mental illness. As a human being, I went through my fair share of struggle and pain in coping with these tragic losses. But as a spiritual being, seeing their deaths (and suicide in general) through a spiritual lens, I’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, understanding, and comfort around this taboo topic.

A Perspective On Death, After Suicide

I’ve channeled tens of thousands of spirits over the past 20 years that have died by suicide. And while I’ve heard a variety of details surrounding these deaths, such as how, why, where and when they killed themselves, the one thing these readings have in common is the spirit’s perspective on life after death. It’s the living that are generally unsettled about the death, and in need of the three C’s: connection, closure and comfort. I feel that having the ability to communicate with spirits comes with a responsibility to pass along the insight and wisdom I’ve learned through my daily sneak peek into their world. It is my sincere hope that you too, will find some clarity and comfort around this difficult topic.

Spirits I work with are in a good place

An important point I like to make in the work I do is this: the spirits I channel are happily settled on the other side (aka Heaven) regardless of how they died. Any spirit I work with is in a good place. They come through to make amends with the living regarding their unsettling death. This is not to say they didn’t once resist crossing over. Sometimes troubled souls are reluctant to fully let go of this physical realm and embrace the light. But sooner or later they are gently guided and coaxed over into this higher, lighter and brighter realm of spirit. Now that they are free of the earthly limitations and illusions that often keep us from knowing real peace while in a body, these spirits want us to know what they know and feel how they feel.

In death, we all pick up where we left off in life. It’s true. We are not let off the hook from the choices we made. In the case of suicide, it’s the act of taking one’s life. These souls, like all souls, go through a life review. They are given the opportunity to sit with their pain, problems and demons, and zoom out to gain a broader perspective on where their life fell off the tracks. In doing so, they are able to better see where they succumbed to fear and made choices that reflected this fear-based thinking, as well as what soul lessons they set out to learn in that lifetime through their failures, successes, and the areas where they could have handled things differently.

We play judge and jury

No one is judging us but ourselves. We play both judge and jury. Our council of guides are simply there to hold us accountable and help us reflect, rethink and eventually re-do our contract. This can be done through a future life of reincarnation or from the other side. A soul and its guides decide together which is most effect and best to redeem one’s karma.

No one is judging us but ourselves. We play both judge and jury.

Upon our death we all go to the place we’ve earned based on the cumulative choices we made while in life. A suicide soul’s first stop is often a place of healing, likened to an ICU or a rehab center. This offers them the chance to restore their light where darkness crept in, to recharge their battery, so to speak, and come back to a neutral place of being. Once in this place, they gravitate to their soul group where they receive some hand holding, coaching and good old TLC from attending guardian angels, spirit guides, and departed loved ones. This group is also known as one’s Team Spirit. Here, they are embraced in pure love, and reminded of their true essence, which is light and love. 

Healing wounds in the spirit world is a gentler process for souls who have suffered and been beaten down by life, compared to this world where our ego tends to dominate our thinking and makes it nearly impossible to be entirely free of self-judgment, low self-worth and self-esteem. In spirit, we are able to find more compassion for ourselves and in doing so, we are more likely to make peace with our demons and heal our karmic wounds. It’s easier to “do the work” to heal and grow our soul when we are able to detach from our ego’s hold that veils us from the truth.

Souls are finally making peace

The souls who died by suicide want nothing more than for their living loved ones to know they are well and okay, and that they are finally making peace within their souls. They share that they are incredibly sorry for any hurt, suffering and pain they caused them as a result of their death. They’ve reiterated that it’s always better on many levels to do the work while in a body, given a healthy and balanced state of mind and being. We don’t have to wait until we return to spirit to be able to see clearly and feel secure, healed and loved. This is the beauty of meditation! A deep meditative practice allows us the same sneak peak into the higher realms, and a connection with our higher guides and Source energy. When we take the time to tune out this world and tune into the spiritual world, we can find the love and peace of God, right here, right now.

Send a prayer to your loved one

In this space of meditation we can also find the deep intimate connection we are all seeking with our higher selves—our soul—and our Team Spirit. It takes tremendous courage to let your guard down after you’ve been traumatized and hurt by a significant loss such as death—in this case, suicide. But if you want to also know the love, light and peace of God that your departed loved one has finally found, it requires you to be vulnerable and open your heart to the possibility of connection, closure and comfort from beyond. If you are missing your departed loved one(s) who died by suicide, I highly recommend you send up a prayer and let them know of your love and appreciation for them, despite their death. Open your mind and heart to receive their true essence which is pure love and light, then feel this energy wash over and heal you from the inside out.