We Need Not Fear Death


Giving back is important to me, especially when it comes to my gift. I have been so blessed in getting to do what I love personally as a profession, that it never feels like “work”. Don’t get me wrong, it is time consuming, and funneling dozens of spirit energies through my body each day is energetically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. This is why I have to charge for my service; one is paying for my time and energy. This gift itself is priceless in my opinion. There’s no price tag you can put on being able to converse with the dead and restore one’s hope, faith, and peace of mind and heart. 

The reason I bring this up is because awhile back I decided to start offering free private readings each month, to a few lucky people whose names would be drawn from submitting their request on my website. My team and I pray and ask spirit to choose who most needs a reading at that time, and the rest is out of our hands. I always trust the higher guides to orchestrate the earthly details so long as I simply show up and focus on being of service to both the living and the dead. The other day I worked with a free private reading recipient named Debbie. The minute we got on the phone I sensed something was very “off” with her situation, but it wasn’t until I got into the reading that I knew just how heart-wrenching it was.

We Need Not Fear Death, Spirited

First, Debbie’s favorite grandmother came forward and communicated that butterflies were her sign to Debbie. Debbie gasped, saying “Yes that’s it! We established that butterflies would be her way of letting me know she’s still with me.” Grandma told her that she recognizes the fact that Debbie’s parents have turned on her, offering little or no support to her and her five children and husband. Debbie sobbed, telling me I had NO idea! (And at this point she was right. I was clueless as to why). Grandma reassured her that she was more than loved and supported by her loved ones in spirit, that they were proud of her courage and that she was not alone.

Next, her grandfather Max came through and mentioned her health issues. He acknowledged that at a young age of 34 she was being challenged on so many levels, but most of all her faith was being challenged. He reassured her that there really was life after death and not to be afraid of dying. While the words fell out of my mouth as they always do when I’m downloading from spirit, my mind was thinking “Why on earth are they talking about death when she’s so young?” Next Grandpa Max showed me my sign for an exit point, a door opening into Heaven, and the numbers 34-35. (At this point I didn’t know her age). She then broke down sobbing, telling me that she’s 34 and her doctors have given her roughly 6 months to live. If true, this would make her 35 when she dies.

Debbie went on to explain that she has a rare disease. Her parents knew about the disease when Debbie was a young child, yet they chose not to pursue treatment even though the disease was completely treatable back then. She feels the reason they’ve turned their backs on her is their own unconscious guilt about not using their knowledge as power and doing what should have been done. (Spirit confirmed this to be true.) Her disease is terminal and she is preparing to leave behind her husband and soulmate, a man she’s been with since she was 14-years-old, along with their their children. She expressed how terrified she is to die, how worried she is about her husband and children, and how a few of her teenagers have said they are going to commit suicide if she leaves.

After hearing all of this, I then let spirit go to town and tell her anything and everything that would help to put her troubled mind at ease. They reassured her it’s okay, that she was only responsible for herself right now and not to worry about the kids down the road. This was the path they signed up for, and out of it would come huge lessons and spiritual growth for each in their own way. They also walked her through the process of dying, and how it’s nothing like what her mind keeps making it up to be. They told her when the soul leaves the body, it’s like when we start to drift off and fall asleep when our head hits the pillow. Regardless of what’s going on with the body, It’s a gentle process for the spirit, which in the end is the only thing that’s real and eternal. She would not be in physical pain as her spirit would be disassociated from feeling what’s going on in her body. She would then feel like she was floating up, feeling lighter and freer than ever. She would then be greeted by all of them, including her guardian angels and guides, waiting in the wings to welcome her back home.

Through me her spirits were able to reassure this young woman that her spirit is stronger and braver than she gives herself credit for. They reminded her to rise above all the hurt, resentment and pain, while forgiving her parents for not doing and being better, and that in the end every choice each of us makes is ultimately only between us and God. That’s it. To be able to validate the kind, loving and amazing wife, mother, daughter and person Debbie has been with her time here on earth felt priceless, and allowed her to let go of all the negative and fearful mind chatter she’s been swimming around in for years.

Regarding her family, they will certainly go through a difficult and dark time with this significant loss. However, spirit reminded her that they are resilient and will rise back up after their mourning, and that she would be able to stay connected to them by the love they all share. She then begged me to be available to work with her husband and children after she passes. I reassured her I would definitely make myself available to do so when the time was right. Knowing she would have a way to communicate directly with them seemed to bring a lot of peace of mind to her. Debbie spent the rest of our time together sobbing and expressing her gratitude to me, sharing that this has been the one gift that no one else has been able to give her. She told me how afraid she was to die before our call, but that now she has a newfound faith and inner peace that regardless of what happens, everything and everyone will be okay.

This, my friends, illustrates exactly why I do this work—to bring peace of mind and heart to the living. The dead people I work with are happily resting on the other side. It’s generally the living that are not at peace. Nothing brings me greater joy than to pay forward the gift of authentic faith, giving people the knowing that the soul is eternal and our love for each other never dies. When we ended our call, Debbie thanked me profusely. I then thanked her, as my time with her served as a huge reminder of what really matters at the end of the day. We are all going to leave this world one day. Each of us has a different path, and a different exit point. Regardless of what that is, we need not fear death. We can only strive to live fully while we can, making time to be with our family and friends and clearly communicating our love and appreciation for each other. I am reminded of the blessings in getting to serve others by using a portion of my time and energy while in body to shed light on all these truths and spread more hope, healing and love.

We Need Not Fear Death, Spirited