Understanding Delayed “Aha” Moments

I’ll never forget a group reading I had where a woman’s father-in-law, named Joe, came forward. He immediately let us all know he was a big skeptic to all this psychic stuff while in life, but since he’s died and woken up, he’s been humbled to the truth that our soul is eternal and we can stay in touch with the living.

He acknowledged that his son, this woman’s husband, was also just as big of a skeptic. She said that this was an understatement, explaining that he had given her a hard time for coming to the group reading. She, on the other hand, was a true believer, and she so badly wanted her husband to be on board with her beliefs in life after death. Clearly so did his father.

The spirit of Joe asked her to be his messenger and pass along a few important messages. He said he wanted his son to know now what he wished he would’ve have known before he died.  However, first he needed to gain his trust by offering some evidence that would serve as “proof” that this talking-to-the-dead stuff was real. I asked her if her husband had recently bought new shoes, as I was seeing the Nordstrom men’s shoe department over at the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver, CO in my mind’s eye. She laughed and said no, he doesn’t shop and he hasn’t gotten any new shoes lately. I told her to ask him when she went home. I then went on to deliver many important messages about Joe’s relationship with his son, and that he was proud of him and loved him.


Fast forward to later that day, when I received a Facebook message from the woman. In it, she said that when she went home and played the recording for her husband, she expected him to laugh it off and remain closed off. Instead, the expression on his face was priceless. His jaw dropped when he heard the first mention of the new shoes. He went and grabbed a Nordstrom bag and pulled out a brand new pair of men’s shoes! While she had been at the group reading, he was at the exact location mentioned—the Nordstrom at Cherry Creek, buying the infamous shoes! He was freaked out that his dad had been with them both simultaneously and that his dad really was watching and listening to him! (Spirits are able to be in various places at once like this through what is called bi-locating.) Needless to say, it gave him so much relief and comfort to know that the spirit of his father was alive and well, and always with him.

Spirits will often relay messages that don’t necessarily make sense at the time, either because the events referenced haven’t yet happened and will come to unfold at a later date and time, or because the message is not for the one receiving it. Rather, a message is sometimes meant to be delivered to another living person, and it isn’t until it’s been passed along that it can be validated. This is precisely why I never make messages fit, and I can always tell if someone is trying to do so. I tell people to simply sit with the message, and revisit it later or share it with someone around you who may understand, and you will then connect the dots.

Called to serve as the messenger

Another example of this happened in a large audience event I did in Omaha last month, where a woman’s nephew named Evan came forward. He had died suddenly of unexpected blood clots and wanted desperately to get a message through to his mom, this woman’s sister-in-law. A month later I received the following email from this woman:

“During the reading you kept referencing the radio and we didn’t understand it. It made perfect sense to Evan’s Mom. Here’s her OMG!…

I just watched the clip and it gave me chills and made me cry.

Evan does send messages over the radio. On 12/22/15 he connected my Bluetooth to the radio and played ‘Me and Jesus’ by Brad Paisley. I had to pull over and try to figure out what my radio was doing. I had never connected my phone to my pickup speakers before. I also had never heard that song before. I found out later Evan bought it on iTunes. I know the date because I wrote it down that day. I had just taken shadow to the vet and they wanted to put her down!

Then, in May on a Sunday, my mom told me to listen to ‘See You Again’ by Carrie Underwood. So Monday after work I was feeling sad and told Don I was going to find that song on YouTube. I got in the truck to come home the DJ says ‘now an oldie but a goody from Carrie Underwood.’ That song started immediately!!

Last week, I just cried out to Evan, that he hadn’t given me any signs lately. As soon as I got in the truck to go to work ‘Springsteen’ by Eric Church came in the radio when I started the car!

Lots and lots of radio stuff!!”

Powerful and true

I share this with you because it happens often that we don’t always make sense of the information coming through during a reading until a later time. And that’s okay.

All unfolds in divine timing so long as we remain open, spirited

There’s no clock in the spirit world, as time and space are not linear. The spirits know that all unfolds in divine timing so long as we remain open, take in these messages, and trust that in time it will all come together for us and those around us. It’s also a great reminder that spirits use other people as messengers to get through to them. When this is the case, it’s important that we honor the call and pass the message along. We owe that much to the spirits who exert so much energy to make the connection, and it’s the least we can do to show our gratitude.

See The SignsRebecca Rosen