Monday Meditation: Take a Minute to Go Within

You know those days when you are running around like crazy and life is just messy, especially during this holiday season? Well I had one of those days today. I took my own advice and I decided to stop to take a minute to go within to pray and meditate. For today’s Monday Meditation, I used my Surrender Series meditations, that help me get out of my head and into my heart.

Try this simple meditation: Guardian Angels, please be with me. Please help me to see clearly. I am calling on you now to help me reset my intuitive wisdom, my divine inner guidance. Help me to trust and follow my intuition, to guide me forward in big and small ways. I would encourage you if you are feeling disconnected and you want to pause, try them! Go with what feels right, but in the end, if you do this, and do it daily, you will feel lighter and more connected to Spirit and Source.

Learn more about my Surrender Series meditations here.

Raise Your VibeRebecca Rosen