Addressing One of Life’s Most Difficult Questions: Now What?


This post is contributed by Baruch HaLevi:

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Now what?” I’m willing to bet that you—like myself—have. It could have been because of something as seemingly simple as taking the wrong turn and ending up lost during a road trip. “Well, now what?” you may have asked yourself or the attendant at the nearest gas station. Or, it may have been during a very different experience, say, the death of a loved one. You couldn’t imagine life without that person, and quite literally didn’t know how you would go on. Maybe you cried or screamed, “Now what?” Trust me, I’ve been in both of these situations. I get it.

It can be difficult to process a flood of new information, or a new life situation or transformation, and sometimes many of us desire to look outside of ourselves for answers. It’s my passion in life to help people through these crucial times. I say they are crucial because the way we get through them can often determine the path we set out on, and before long, the road we’re trucking along. That can be a lot to process. Having served as a rabbi for over 15 years, I often considered my role as that of an “emotional first responder,” to anyone, of any religion, spiritual inclination or no religion and not-so-spiritual, traveling along the way. I’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of people through a variety of transitions, from grieving the death of a loved one, to navigating divorce, to taking on a new career path, to simply seeking their direction, purpose and passion in life. The good thing about the question “Now what?” is that is does not need to be asked alone. It is often answered as you articulate it to someone else, and is always the opening into possibilities, potential and beginnings. It all begins with “what now?”

Bringing Messages from Readings into Reality

If you’ve been fortunate to have experienced a reading with Rebecca, you’ve most likely received profound messages and validations from the other side, that have hopefully helped you find some peace of mind, guidance or clarity if that is what you were seeking. For many people, these messages and validations are enough to move forward with love and light. They help us to better understand that death is not the end, that our guides are always available, and we feel inspired to  to carry these understandings with us on our personal journeys. 

However, days or months or even years after having received a reading, some of you may find yourself reflecting on the messages you received, or want to continue talking about them, reflecting upon them or a fresh set of eyes to help you see deeper into the messages you received. For this group, the next steps after a reading might not seem as obvious, or you simply want to take your journey even further, and you now find yourself asking, “Now what?”

And for others still, we may be struggling with something challenging or painful. We may be facing a painful decision, grieving the loss of a loved one, relationship, job or host of other losses. Whatever the crossroads we find ourselves standing at, “Now what?” is a natural question which may arise, can be answered and doesn’t have to be dealt with alone.

Whichever group you fall into, just know that, first of all, the spirits and guides have your back. There is no right or wrong next step after a reading. Spirits are just happy to have the chance to connect with you at all! However, if you do find yourself asking this question, and looking outside of yourself for help incorporating the direction you received into your life, I’m happy to be of assistance. Together we have the opportunity to explore your unique situation, the path that you and you alone are walking, and how your newfound guidance can be incorporated to help you confidently live out your highest and truest calling. If this is of interest to you, please feel free to email me at

Don’t forget, the presence of the question “Now what?” is a sign that you’re at the start of something new and meaningful. Sometimes it is difficult to see the light of that “something new” in the moment, but trust that you’re on the right path, and it’s true purpose will reveal itself. It just takes effort and time.