Body Identity vs Spirit Identity

Body Identity vs Spirit Identity


The other day I worked with a client whom I hadn’t spoken to in over a year. Though some time had passed, the storyline was the same, and it’s as if we picked up right where we left off. She’s one of those people who always seems to have some drama going on in her life, and I’ve come to recognize that she creates the drama because that’s all she’s ever known. In fact, she thrives off of having some crisis in her life, usually revolving around men. Couple that with the fact she’s very externally focused and identifies with the material world far more than taking an internal, spiritual approach. She’s always been body conscious, flaunting her good looks and capitalizing off of her physical appearance in any way she can. This has caused her to have very few girlfriends, as she tends to rub women the wrong way. She explained that women seem to be intimidated by her “perfect” body and beauty, and are quick to label her as conceited and full of herself, despite the fact she’s a really good person with a big heart. And naturally, this has left her feeling judged, sad, and alone. 

However, there is some truth to what others have noted about her and it’s come up in more than one reading. Be it strangers, family or friends, she’s somewhat inappropriate in her interactions, crossing boundaries by using her sexuality to entice, manipulate and control men.  Sadly, It’s the only way she knows how to relate to people.

The Root of the Issue

In her reading, spirit came through once again, addressing all of this and more. Her maternal grandmother’s spirit was very forthcoming with her perception of her life, along with all of her spirit guides input. They addressed the root of her issues, which boiled down to little self-worth and low self-esteem. When she was a young child, her parents praised her outer beauty, while paying little attention to her inner beauty and spirit. As far as her mind, she was constantly reminded of her sub-par intellect in school and in general, especially when being compared to her extremely bright younger sister. And so, she made up her mind that her self-worth was dependent on the one thing she had going for her—her looks.

An Investment in Soul

But as we all know, and spirit gently reminded her, no matter how much time, energy, and money we invest in our looks and body, it’s bound to change. Our looks will fade and our body is merely a shell that will one day die. However, an investment in our soul is whole different story. The soul is eternal, and when our time is up and we leave this shell, our soul ascends into spirit. We then simply pick up where we left off in life. All the hard work and growth we managed to do while in body accumulates and determines what level we go to when we cross over. Our higher self and our counsel of elders (highest order of our personal guides within our soul group) are keeping score of all our thoughts, words, and deeds throughout our lifetime. They do this not to judge us, but rather to hold us accountable to what our soul signed up to learn and do while having a human experience. They reminded her that she continues to perpetuate this pattern of little to no self-love and self-worth. They said that until she decides to become consciously aware of her identity being wrapped up in her body and external appearance, versus her internal essence or spirit, she will continue to experience life’s so-called dramas, suffering and pain.  Spirit encouraged her to make the shift first in her mind by praying for a healing in her thinking—from fear to love—which would eventually translate over time into authentic self-love and self-worth.

The soul is eternal, and when our time is up and we leave this shell, our soul ascends into spirit.

Offer Up a Prayer

Whether or not she finally heard this wisdom from the guides on the other side of the veil is yet to be determined. When we hung up the phone, I said a little prayer for her soul. I prayed for her highest truth and healing, so that she may bypass her ego and connect in with her highest self. I sent her beams of light, filling her mind, body, and spirit with this warm, glowing light and then I imagined her angels hovering around her, loving her unconditionally, back to a healthy and balanced state of being.

Whenever you witness someone around you struggling with their ego (which Wayne Dyer so brilliantly refers to is as Edging God Out/ E-G-O), instead of judging them, see through the illusion and recognize their insecurities as coming from their human self. Silently bless them and know that your prayers are powerful tools to help those around you shift back into light and love, or their “God or Goddess” self. And when you pray for another, it always lights up and lifts your own spirit, bringing more love and light into your life.