The Other Side of Darkness is Light


Today is winter solstice when the North Pole is tilted the farthest away from the sun, making it the shortest day and longest night of the year. It’s also the oldest known winter celebration where we honor the rest and hibernation of winter and celebrate the return to the light. Tomorrow our days will begin to incrementally stretch longer and grow brighter.  But before then I suggest that you deliberately pause and appreciate the time to sit and reflect in the darkness. Find a few quiet moments to turn inward and reflect on your life this past year. Feel all of it—the light moments and the slips and dips into darkness.

Deliberately pause and reflect on your year. Feel all of it—the light moments and the slips and dips into darkness.

Once the departed get to the Other Side, they understand that sometimes our lives need to fall apart before they can fall together. So, whatever you may have struggled with this year—death, divorce or any number of disappointments, take this moment now to pray for new beginnings. If you could pick up the shattered pieces and begin anew, what would you ask for? What would the next year look and feel like? Once you have your answers, set a clear intention to manifest what you most need and desire. When hesitation, doubt or fears creep up, remind yourself that on the other side of darkness is light. It’s just a matter of taking that step (or leap!) to cross over.

It’s especially common to slip into a depressed or dark place during the holidays, when we are really feeling the physical absence of our loved ones in spirit. The truth is, their spiritual presence is always with us, often heightened when we come together with family and friends to celebrate the holidays. To connect to their presence, which helps lift our spirits and fill the void in our hearts, we can light a candle in their honor. Perhaps find a special candle and say a prayer, inviting their light into your space and into your heart.

TRY THIS! Be the Light

Spirits tell me all the time the greatest gift we can give them is to move on with our lives as hard as that may be and celebrate the happy times despite their physical absence. When we do so, we raise our own vibration, which will help us to better connect to their lighter vibe!

At some point, today, slow down and go inward. Embrace any darkness within. Recognize and feel it but don’t judge it. Instead, accept that it resides there, and also recognize that you have the power to release it in order to make room for new light. Close your eyes and visualize a sun rising above the horizon of your heart and breaking wide open. Further, visualize your inner light expanding out into the world as we make a turning point towards brighter days. Repeat the mantra, “Be the light, I am the light.” Finally, ask your spirit guides and departed loved ones to inspire and guide you towards creating new life and beginnings in 2018.

There are so many rituals for celebrating the winter solstice. How will you honor darkness and celebrate a return to light? I invite you to leave a comment below.