Living Well Tour An Evening of Spirit: Detroit

There was a common theme for my Detroit Large Audience Event of my Living Well Tour. My event was full of many spirits who died tragically and recently. In fact, I could not get over how many spirits came through that had died within the past several days, weeks, and months! It further proves my understanding that the Spirit world is not limited by time or space like we are in this world. 

When a spirit is able to come through after only being on the Other Side for a short amount of time, it simply means that they are more advanced souls. They did not need much time to bounce back to their high vibrational state, despite how they were at the end of their life or how they died. It is a great sign that they are pros at remembering how to cross over into the Spirit world and stay connected to those in this world. And trust me, it does not always happen! Many spirits came through LOUD and CLEAR who had just died. It was inspiring and comforting to know they had made their transition easily and were happily resting in Heaven.

An Earth Angel

The one reading of the night that stood out to me was a little girl named Lexi. She came through by showing me a woman who was in the process of getting their entire back tattooed with angel wings. The woman sitting directly behind me screamed out with excitement, “Oh my God! That’s me…I’m in the process right now, and it’s partially done! That’s my daughter coming through!” I then told her to not volunteer any more information to keep the reading clean. This way she would know the messages coming through were really coming from her daughter’s spirit and not from her feeding me information. 

I proceeded to tell her I was seeing my recently deceased grandmother’s death date, October 19th, 2016, and asked her if anything on or around that date was significant to her, such as a birthdate or death date. She freaked out and told me that was the EXACT SAME DAY that her daughter died! WOW. Talk about amazing synchronicity as spirit used my frame of reference to communicate that validation! I then saw the number 4 and sensed it was the age of her daughter. Sure enough, Lexi died at 4 years old. She was sobbing. I passed on the message that Lexi was an Earth Angel and only contracted to be here for a few short years to do her work on Earth. This was her exit point, and this woman could not have changed the outcome. Lexi reassured her mom that she was an excellent mother, who gave her everything she needed in life. Now, the tables have turned and Lexi would watch over her mom like a guardian angel. The woman shared that when Lexi was alive and well that she was a miracle, a true gift, and she did not know what she did to deserve such a special little girl.

I then picked up on the fact it was an illness, such as cancer. Sure enough, it was cancer. Lexi pointed to my bracelet I was wearing with an angel wing on it. I told this woman that some spirit guided me to put that on for the night and asked her if an angel wing bracelet made any sense to her. She held up her arm and pointed out an angel wing charm bracelet she had made in honor of Lexi. She had given them out to a few people to wear in her memory.

She was beyond floored at this point. Lexi went on and on, with details about her new home in heaven, appearing a lot like the beach. Her mom cried harder and said that was their favorite place to go together and she always pictured her at the ocean. I then asked her about holding Lexi’s hair recently and if she had it with her. She said that she actually had just been going through a bunch of her stuff yesterday and came across a locket of Lexi’s hair that they had held back when Lexi cut her hair and donated it to Locks of Love. She had a breakdown and prayed to Lexi in that moment to give her strength to carry on. This was Lexi’s response to her mom, though delayed, a powerful validation that she was not alone in that moment, and to keep the hair by her bedside as a reminder that she would always be at her side.

Energy Just Changes Form

The reading was incredibly moving and powerful for all in attendance. It was such an important reminder of how precious our time here on Earth really is. We never really know how long we have in a body. It further illustrated that we all have different soul contracts and exit points, some longer than others.

In the end, my hope is that this connection with the Angelic Soul of Lexi was a reminder that love never dies and the soul lives on long after the body is gone. I commend this young mom who was brave enough to show up that night and receive her daughter’s messages, as hard as that may have been. It was refreshing to bring through such a sweet, pure, and Angelic Soul to educate us all on many important soul lessons and basic spiritual truths. This reading was a perfect example of what the dead have taught me about living well, and it is the readings like this that illustrate perfectly why I love to do what I do!