Living Well Tour An Evening of Spirit: Chicago


As I continue my Living Well Tour across the country, the powerful connections between the living and the departed strengthen and exponentially expand, inspiring me to continue to show up and demonstrate how spirit communication works.

Most recently in Chicago, the validations from the Other Side astounded even me. When I’m able to use my unique gift to channel and share clear messages from beyond to individuals throughout the audience, there can really be no question that we are ALL surrounded by the love of those who have left this physical world, but who remain very close to us in spirit. Where it’s one thing to watch me up on stage talking to the dead and doing my thing, it’s the validations that are the real show. Spirits deliver through me concrete and undeniable validations to prove that they are in the room. Moreover, our departed loved ones want us to know that they are with us every day—watching, listening, and waiting in the wings to help guide us forward as soon as we invite them in.

Call Me “Rick!”

In Chicago, the night started when several father figure spirits came forward. “I’m hearing the names “Richard” and “Robert,” I said. “Either a dad or uncle or both.” A woman sitting a few rows back from the stage screamed out, “Oh my God! That’s for me, that’s my dad Richard and his twin brother Robert!” (I encourage these outbursts, by the way. There is nothing more frustrating and disheartening to a spirit when he or she focuses their energy to cross over from the Other Side and isn’t claimed by their living loved one. I tell my audiences ahead of time, “If you think the message is for you—say so!”) As I walked towards the woman who spoke up, another woman sitting directly in front of her chimed in. “Richard is my dad too.” A few other hands shot up; along with others claiming that their dads were also named either Robert or Richard.

This is when my work gets interesting. My challenge is to not only channel meaningful messages from beyond but to also deliver them to the rightful owners. I asked the spirits, “Robert and Richard—who do you belong to?” The spirit of Richard was clear. He actually interrupted my thoughts and told me to stop calling him Richard, but Rick. I said to the audience, “Excuse me, who knows a spirit named Rick? The first woman who’d spoken up laughed, “That’s absolutely my dad. He would only go by Rick or Ricky.” I turned to her,  “What’s the significance of the number seven? Also, I’m getting that his birth or death date is within the last month.” Her laughter dissolved into tears. “He died two weeks ago and his 70th  birthday would have been this coming weekend.”

“Anytime a soul leaves this world within a month or so of their birthdate means they came full circle with their life,” I comforted her. “Your dad’s work on this earth plane was done and he was ready to move on to the Other Side.” She smiled and shared with the room, “He was set to officially retire on Monday, the day after his 70th birthday.” Well clearly he did retire, I thought, just not in the way he or his family imagined. “He’s showing me that he’s no longer working, and now enjoying some R & R in heaven. He’s happy and at peace.”

Celebrate Life

Satisfied that his daughter had received his message, the spirit of Rick drew his energy back and the next spirit eagerly waiting in line stepped forward. This went on and on throughout the night until finally, a spirit struck a special chord in me when he used my personal frame of reference.

He clairvoyantly popped into my mind’s eye an image of my twelve-year-old son Jakob. I don’t tend to make literal translations, but I did in this instance. I asked,  “Who has a son named Jacob who died young? A woman about my age jumped out of her seat and said shakily, “My son Jacob recently died at age twelve.” I took in a deep breath. “He’s here,” I said. “And he was an Earth angel—bright and wise beyond his years. He was an advanced soul and only intended to be here on Earth for a short time.” She nodded and said she always felt there was something very special about him.“It’s so hard to lose a child,” I said, “but he doesn’t want you to be sad about his death, but rather to smile about his life.”

The recurring message throughout the evening was to celebrate life, to live our lives fully (eat dessert first), to cherish our departed loved ones’ memories, and to know that we are deeply loved, supported, and guided from beyond. My hope, and the inspiration for my new book What The Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well is that you will begin to develop or deepen your awareness of how the departed reach out from beyond the divide and attempt to communicate with you in your day-to-day life. You’re not alone. Ask your loved ones for validation that they are with you, and then look for the signs.