Living Well Tour An Evening of Spirit: Omaha April 6

At the conclusion of my Living Well Tour in Omaha, the presence of a male spirit directed me towards a couple sitting in the audience. The spirit whispered his name, Sean, to which the woman sitting with the couple (a friend) raised her hand and said, “I think that’s my husband.” Sean impressed me with an image of St. Patrick’s day and his wife confirmed that he died on St. Patty’s day! Well, Sean wanted to make sure I didn’t end the night before hearing from him and he was in fact, loud and clear, and after several more validations that convinced his wife — and everyone in the audience — that it really was him speaking from the Other Side, he introduced another spirit. It was a younger male presence who soon identified himself as the son of the couple I’d originally been drawn towards. I said to Sean’s wife, “See how this works. Your husband is with their son. He’s helping him come through.” In the spirit world, no one’s a stranger and everyone helps a friend.

This spirit impressed me with the feeling that he’d died suddenly, as in an accident, and his parents confirmed that he’d died just a few months before in just this way. He also made mention of a shirt. I said, “Are you wearing his shirt? He keeps pointing to your shirt.” At that point, Dad broke into tears and said it was his son’s favorite shirt. He’d worn it for him, and now his son was validating the gesture and bringing it up to leave no doubt that he was with his parents, right now, in the room.

They Really Do Listen

He went on to reassure his parents that his spirit was in a good place and not to worry about him. I asked them, “Who is “William”? He’s with your son. And who’s Ann? She’s also with him.” They quickly looked at each other and then back at me. “That’s our mom and dad,” they said in amazement. I then asked these spirits to step forward and say more but they were reluctant. I just couldn’t get them to speak up. I said, “They won’t come forward. It’s like they want to honor that this night is about connecting with your son and not them. They don’t want to get in the way of that connection and take away from that experience. Does that make sense?” The couple gasped and then shared that on the drive over to the reading, they expressly made a point of asking their deceased parents to stand back, and let their son have center stage! “Wow!” I said. “This is a clear validation that your request was heard and honored.”

Our departed loved ones listen to our hearts and honor our heartfelt requests.

Witnessing the reunion between this family was a beautiful, healing moment. Both parents sobbed, thanking me over and over for the “priceless gift.” I felt their gratitude.  Everyone in the room felt it and this moment perfectly illustrates why I love being a messenger between this world and the next. When we suspend our doubt or disbelief and open up to the possibility that our departed loved ones are still near and that our own spirit will never die and always live on, not only does our day-to-day reality greatly shift but also much of our fear, hesitation, and grief drops away. This is what it means to be truly awake and living in the present.