Living Well Tour An Evening of Spirit: Omaha April 4

It was such a treat to be able to conclude my Living Well Tour in my hometown of Omaha. The energy from both events in Omaha left me in awe as Spirit channeled many profound healing messages through me. There were so many amazing stories that came through my first night in Omaha that it is hard to pick just one to share! For example, one friend bought a ticket for her friend as a surprise. The friend’s mom in Spirit, Sue, came through thanking the friend, saying she used her as a messenger, as spirits often do! Sue used the friend to get her daughter there for what would have been Sue’s 70th birthday celebration that same day. The friend had NO clue it was her birthday and she’s known this woman for many years! It was certainly a priceless gift for both this woman and her mother in Spirit.   

We Are Not Alone

Another amazing story from this night was a grandpa that came through to his granddaughter, acknowledging he had died just two short weeks ago. He told me to mention that he likes his granddaughter’s new dishwasher. She almost fell over as she had a new dishwasher set to be installed on the same day as Grandpa’s funeral and had to move the installation, which ended up being earlier the morning of the event! Grandpa didn’t believe in this afterlife stuff in life but made it loud and clear that he had changed his mind and was happily in a good place. 

All of these messages were an excellent reminder that we are not alone and love never dies. There was a woman who lost a young son named Archer. He came through calling himself the Angel baby and flashed in my mind’s eye an angel wings ornament that I had seen earlier that day in a hospital gift shop. I was drawn to buy them but talked myself out of it… lesson learned… due to a time constraint. Although I did not buy them, Archer used that as validation for his mom because he knew that she set up a foundation called Archer Angel in his memory. He gave his mom the message that he was now acting as her angel from the Other Side.

The Power of Synchronicities

While all these messages relayed powerful reminders that our Deceased Loved Ones are listening and watching over us, I had one story that was the highlight of the night. My day started bright and early with live readings on the Big Party Morning Show on Omaha’s 94.1. A woman called in and I immediately connected her with her recently deceased son, Nate. It came through that he was only 22 years old and drowned on a cruise while vacationing with his family this past December. When Nate came through he flashed an image through my mind’s eye of the cruise I had been on the week before. Nate used my experience as a frame of reference to get me to share how and where he died. Nate and his family set sail to celebrate the joy of the holidays and left the ship with one less child. Needless to say, it was a heart-wrenching story. 

After the radio show, the producers filled me in on the details of the tragic story. All of the producers and hosts are amazing about zipping their lips if they know anything about the caller to keep the reading authentic. They said he was on a Royal Caribbean cruise. It ended up being on the EXACT SAME cruise ship I was on with my family just five (5!!!) short days before the reading! I had head to toe chills when I realized the synchronicity as this hit really close to home!

When I left the station, I could not shake the crazy connection or my empathy for this poor family and the grief they are going through. Throughout the day, I felt Nate’s presence still with me, in need of more “air time” to communicate additional messages to his mom and family. However, with no one in front of me to receive the information, there was not much more I could do. So, I asked Nate to move back into the light and go directly to his family to help them through this difficult time.

Divine Timing

Now, let’s fast forward to my large audience event that night. Right out of the gates I was compelled to share Nate’s story and ask, if, by chance, anyone in the audience knew him or the family, as his spirit was still strong and present with me. Sure enough, a woman sitting front and center raised her hand and said she was the “Mom” I read earlier that morning on the radio! She knew he was not complete and felt strongly she needed to be at the event to hear more. She was right! Nate worked through me to finish the conversation we had started a few hours before, and while there’s no way I was able to totally erase her grief, I sensed I did my job by bringing a little bit of healing light, relief, and peace to her mind and heart. 

And the icing on the cake? Spirit does, in fact, work through us — ALL OF US — as messengers. My assistant Jacqueline let me know that before I walked out on stage, she gave out a Divine Direction t-shirt to one person out of the 500 that were in attendance at the event. Of all the people, Nate’s Mom was the one who got the t-shirt giveaway. Naturally, Jacqueline had NO idea it was her until after the event! May that shirt serve its intended purpose, as a reminder that love never dies and her son’s spirit lives on in her heart.