Ask For Clarity


We’re already a few weeks into the New Year! Have you given yourself enough quiet, sacred and introspective time to get clear on exactly what you want to manifest this year? If you haven’t already, I encourage you to make time this month (the sooner the better!) to set clear intentions for 2018.

Intention setting is about becoming crystal clear on what you desire to bring into your life experience. Ask yourself: what right situations, circumstances, people, places, and feelings will allow me to ascend higher and dive deeper into my soul’s growth and purpose?  This is a BIG question, but often the answers are simple and right in front of you. Take pause. Go within and ask for clarity. If the right direction forward evades you, ask your departed loved ones and spirit guides to inspire you. Ask them to provide you with signs—on a daily basis—to guide and support you. Ask them: what do I *need* to be the highest version of myself so that I can show up in love and service to those around me? Once you clearly identify and then state your intentions, Spirit and The Universe gets to work, conspiring through the Law of Attraction to manifest your heart’s longing and soul desires.

To learn more about intention setting, I invite you to check out my Inner Circle where throughout the month of January you have an all-access pass to a variety of meditations, tools, channelings, and videos to help you navigate your way through this process. Don’t miss my video of how I recently manifested a vacation to my spiritual home in Maui, Hawaii!

My hope in sharing my personal stories and spiritual tools is to inspire and empower you to manifest what you most want and need in 2018.

All blessings and all love,