Intentional Gift Giving: The Power of Priceless Gifts

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It’s hard to believe, but the holiday season has officially started.  It sneaks up on me every year, but each year I am grateful for the time and inspiration it gives me to reflect on the meaning of the holiday spirit, and the best ways to show our love to those in our lives.  Most people use gifts as a way to show their love throughout the year, but especially during the various holidays throughout November and December. This got me thinking about gift giving and how we can make this practice even more impactful.

Intention is a part of just about everything I do.  I set an intention each day to clarify my expectations and to feel protected and connected as I go about my usual, but chaotic, routine.  Intentions are guiding principles that determine how we want to be or live. The best way to set and have intentions throughout the day is to put our heart and soul into them.  When we lead with our feelings, we are automatically more connected to our higher selves, to Spirit, and to each other. Just as we set an intention before starting the day, I believe that we can also set an intention during the holiday season, and extend that practice into choosing and giving gifts.

I am setting an intention this year to give gifts that will make an impact.  Oftentimes, with the craziness of the holidays, we focus more on checking items off of a list than we do on the meaning or importance of the gift.  When we do this, the intention of gift giving, which is to show our love and appreciation for others, can become lost. Instead of just checking items off of a list this year, I am choosing to focus on priceless gifts – those gifts that will empower a loved one, can help them on their journey, or provide something that they cannot or would not normally get for themselves.  These are gifts that may focus on self-care, like massages or the freedom to do a hobby that they may not always have time for. It could be a book that will give them the stories they need to find motivation, meaning, or inspiration in their everyday lives. It could also be tools that will help them to find connection, receive guidance, or experience healing. If you want to join me in this intention for the holiday season, I have included some of my favorite priceless gifts for the season.

Books that Nourish the Soul

        Books are always a great gift because there is a genre for every person.  I consider them a priceless gift because books can offer so much - a chance to escape, practical information for guidance, and stories that inspire.  When we give books that have impacted our lives, we are passing on a piece of ourselves to our loved ones. Some of the books that I cherish most are those that were given or recommended to me.


Giving someone an experience, as opposed to an item, gives them the chance to try something new, do more of what they already love, and make memories in the process.  Material items may fade, but the memories from an experience will last a lot longer. They encourage quality time with family or friends and allow us the opportunity to be present and live in the moment.


Self-care is so important.  We need to take the time to make sure that we are healthy, balanced, and strong.  When we do this, we not only take care of ourselves, but ensure that we are able to show up for others in our lives.  Self-care often takes a back seat to other obligations, so why not give it to those that really need it this season? Massages and products that pamper are a great idea that can promote self-care.  Even something like essential oils or a diffuser could be considered self-care items, since they can help release tension and promote grounding. I use mine everyday - during readings, while writing, or even at home with my family.

The Gift of Healing

I have my own team of earth angels that help me in my day-to-day life, including an energy healer that I see weekly to ensure that I am at my best.  Offering the gift of emotional or spiritual healing is something that not a lot of people ask for, but that so many people benefit from. There are lots of spiritual tools and gifts that you can give to someone that might be wanting the opportunity to heal, expand their spirituality, or receive guidance during a life transition.  Card decks, mala necklaces, or even a session with an intuitive worker could be a great gift that can offer so much this holiday season.

As spirit often reminds us, we don’t have pockets when we die...we’re not taking anything with us, except for the love we’ve shared. Our success in life should be measured not in dollars, but in the amount of joy we experience.  And, at the end of the day, it’s all about the quality time we’ve spent with our loved ones, creating special memories...that’s what lives on.