The Spirits Work in Mysterious Ways


The Spirits work in mysterious ways and this was proven to me, once again, in a small group reading when the spirit of James, who’d recently died by suicide, relayed that he was being helped by none other than—my dad Shelly who died thirteen years ago.

How do you figure?

I asked the spirit of James for more information and he clairvoyantly showed me the cover of my first book, Spirited.

“I found a copy of it in his briefcase after he died,” offered James’ grieving wife Lily who sat next to me on the couch. “I was shocked and devastated by his suicide,” she continued. “My husband was a selfless man. He did everything for his family. I couldn’t understand what and why this happened… I went on a mission to find answers and in my search I found your book.”

At this point, everyone in the group reading—including me—had chill bumps.

“My husband never read anything beyond financial books because he was a businessman, so I was surprised to find your book in his briefcase. It was so out of character for him and I wondered what it meant. On page 44 of Spirited, the page was folded down. It speaks about someone who died of asphyxiation. My husband died of asphyxiation. I became very angry thinking your book gave him the idea to end his life. Your book is the reason I’m here today. It’s why I got on a plane and flew to Denver two months to the day my husband died,” said Lily.

Wondering the same thing myself, I now asked the spirit of James: why were you reading my book? The answer: my dad Shelly guided James to find my book in his time of need.

For those of you who haven’t read Spirited, a few things about my backstory to note—

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My dad also died by suicide and has since made his presence known in my life by showing me irrefutable signs and visiting me in dreams. I’ve come to understand that Dad’s “work” and role in Spirit is to keep one foot in this world to help those who are suffering as he did with suicidal thoughts and depression.

Lily learned after her husband’s death that James had also been struggling with depression and financial challenges (another parallel to my dad), and Shelly had hoped to guide him to a brighter place. Obviously Dad wasn’t successful in helping James to bypass suicide, and now he was apologizing to his wife for not telling her about the business hardships and for leaving her with a financial mess to clean up.

“Why did he hide this from me,” Lily wondered aloud.

“It was an effect of the depression,” I said. “He felt so much shame.”

James then guided me to pass on to his wife deeper wisdom from the Other Side—

You’ve been struggling without me, feeling so alone. And others haven’t been kind to you, saying hurtful words and accusations in connection to my death. The only way to rise above the negativity and lower frequencies of others is to turn within and plug into Source—the Divine light and love of God. This will shift you from a low place into your higher self.

He suggested Lily start and end her day in prayer and meditation with the intention to rise up and take her power back.

I added—and when you turn up your energy you’ll better be able to feel James because your energy will be a match to his high vibe spirit energy! Your husband is in a brighter place now and he wants to give you the tools to move past your hurt and begin healing, too. Finally, he’s showing me that he’ll flicker the lights as a sign of his presence.

An hour later, I concluded the group reading with a brief meditation and thanked Spirit for allowing me to be the connection between this world and the next. And then, as if on cue, lights flickered on and off and then the power went out completely. I smiled and said: thank you, James, for following through on your sign from beyond and reminding us that our loved ones are never truly gone.

*** Please note: The names have been changed and specific details have been composited to preserve the privacy of individuals.***