See The Signs

Connection requires developing a language between yourself and spirit. I am often asked how I ’talk’ to spirit and I describe it as playing charades. For example, when I see 628 (my birthdate), whether on a license plate or a receipt, it is my signal to pay attention. Usually it is a wink from spirit letting me know I am on the right path or sometimes, when I am asking for guidance or assistance, they let me know they have my back.

You may have heard of clairvoyance, but that is only one of the clairs. You can also hear, smell, feel and taste while making a connection. Oftentimes, spirit will use any means necessary! Once you start developing your language with spirit and trusting the method of communication, you will witness more and more signs. They could come through a song in your car, a ringing in your ear or a light that flashes on and off in your room. License plates messages are common for me. Remember, no one has a closer connection to your deceased loved ones than you do!