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Top 3 Messages I Hear From Spirit

In my readings, I hear a lot of the same messages - things that Spirit wants us to know to help us in our lives. These are the three big messages that I constantly hear, and that I hope will help you on your own journey!


The One Thing I Do During Stressful Times

Stress and anxiety can affect us on so many levels. We often feel it in our solar plexus, which can impact our center of power and dim our inner light.


Setting and Receiving Signs From Spirit

Conversations with Spirit are never one-sided. Our loved ones and guides are always listening and they want us to build an authentic faith, knowing that we are not alone.

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Digital Courses to Empower You on Your Journey


Prayer and meditation make a powerful combination that will transform your life. Prayer and meditation are the easiest and most effective ways to connect to Source energy and your guides. Learn more.

Mystical Mourning is an eight-day, multimedia support system to help guide you through your grief in a proactive, purposeful, and powerful way at any point after the loss of a loved one. Learn more.


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Resources to Continue Your Journey

Dig deeper with this book by Robert Schwartz that offers a fascinating look into the other side.

There are so many ways to raise your vibration! This spray is one way that I raise my vibe before a reading.

Join my Inner Circle group on Facebook to experience stories of spirit communication and connection from the other side.