Rebecca Rosen’s Simple Yet Powerful Meditation Practice

The other day I was feeling very disconnected from Spirit and Source. I hadn’t meditated in what for me was quite a while (I’m constantly meditating with the intention to be used as a messenger for other people). I was starting to identify too much with the ego—my mind thoughts—rather than my soul knowing. I had a session with my energy healer, Ariel, and she suggested I do a simple, yet powerful practice of visualizing myself surrounded by and filled up with God’s loving presence and white light. While she worked away on my energy field during our session, clearing me of all negative and dark energy I had sponged up over time (any empath knows what I mean when I say this, as we tend to be a magnet for any and all energy flying around us), she strongly recommended that I continue to do the work to stay connected to God’s love and light once our session was over.

Take an Active Role in Calling in God’s Presence

The following week I did exactly that. I set aside 20 minutes and meditated on God’s light flooding me, from the crown of my head pouring down into and over my mind, body, and aura. With each breath, I drew in this powerful healing light, and imagined it washing me clean of anything that didn’t serve me. I imagined myself being plugged into the presence of God, which is pure, unconditional love, and all my guides and angels surrounding me. I mentally affirmed, “I am love, I am light, I am peace, I am truth…I am that I am.”  I was taking an active role in calling in God’s presence, co-creating this Divine connection, protection and guidance. I finished by asking what God and my guides wanted me to know in that moment. I then surrendered into the stillness and opened up to receive any messages coming through. Some days there was a major download of images, mental dialogue, and strong feelings washing over me. Other days, not so much. There was more of a quiet, peaceful feeling and space to sit in. Whatever the case, I would then leave my meditation feeling a shift from anxiety to peace, struggle to surrender, and fear to love. But what was most validating and profound was the physical evidence that this practice was working as I went into my work day with ease and grace, channeling spirit with greater clarity and depth. I had one of the most exceptional small group readings that I’ve ever had, one of the most powerful radio appearances to date, along with all the synchronicities and flow that followed me through my days.

I was once again in awe of the power of prayer and meditation, inspired yet again to make this a daily practice for my personal benefit in addition to doing it for my clients.

Begin Within

I share this with you in hope that it inspires you to do so for yourself. “Begin within” is a mantra I often use to remind myself that peace, love, and joy starts within us. When we take the time to fill ourselves with the God-spark we are all made of—the love and light within—we are far more powerful in our presence, and in effectively carrying out our God-given gifts and purpose. Try it and see for yourself how taking just a few minutes a day to align with God’s presence shifts everything in your world as you are blessed with God’s favor over your life.

If you’re looking for guided meditations to use in your practice, my newest series,Surrender Series, is available on Spotify and iTunes. I’d love to hear your feedback!