The Work Speaks For Itself: I Found God

I recently conducted a phone reading for a woman named Jane, who lives in Florida. While she was very warm and friendly, I could sense she was one of those “prove it people”, meaning that she wanted to believe in the work I do, but had no reason to at that time and needed proof. As I always say, so long as I just show up, empty and open myself up to be used by Spirit, the work speaks for itself.

Right off the bat, a spirit by the name of Robert came through, mentioning his great sense of humor, and that he was with Jane’s deceased mother. At first Jane claimed that she did not know a Robert. She was wracking her brain, but just could not pinpoint who he was. The spirit was relentless, and I went on to describe him. At some point, after feeling like I was losing my mind (I was certain of what the spirit was showing me even if it wasn’t making sense to my client) I decided to move on, trusting she would eventually figure it out.

I then asked her who “Ruth” was. She gasped, saying that Ruth was her mother. I then asked if she had recently seen two deer in her yard, explaining that they were inspired by the two spirits of her mother, Ruth, and this “Robert” character. That was when she had her “AHA!” moment, breaking down in tears and apologizing for not immediately understanding who he was. She said that yes, just the other day there were two deer in her backyard which was very unusual. More importantly, she had figured out who Robert was. Robert was actually Rob, her very best friend and soul mate, who died briefly after her mother. She explained that he never went by Robert although it was in fact his real name. Before the call she had prayed and asked Rob to come through with her mother.

Validation from Beyond

After she connected the dots, the reading turned back toward her mother. I told her that Ruth wanted her to know a very important message: that she had found God, and that everything she hoped to be true about the afterlife and there really being a higher power—God—was in fact true! This is when Jane broke down exclaiming OMG OMG OMG—quite literally in this case—taking a moment to collect herself before she shared the significance with me. She told me that her mom was a very religious woman in life, and on her deathbed they had discussed that if there was a way for Ruth to come back and communicate a message from the other side, the one thing Jane would want to know is if she had found God in her new home. Furthermore, Jane said if her mom could communicate this message from the other side, she would then firmly believe.

Place the call then let go, and trust that Spirit will answer us in Divine time.

Her mom answered the million dollar question that Jane had been wrestling with her entire life, as she then openly shared that she was the world’s biggest skeptic and a borderline atheist. To top it off, her mom made mention of her favorite pie, and how she loves and eating it in heaven. Jane confirmed that she and her sister had decided to put their mom’s favorite pecan pie in her coffin when they laid her to rest.

Open Up to the Possibility

The moral of this story is that our loved ones in spirit know what we most need to hear. They know what messages will bring us a deeper sense of authentic faith that this is real, that there is an afterlife, and there is a “God”. They will do whatever they can to communicate these truths with us through whatever means they can. In this case, Ruth’s spirit used me as the messenger. But spirits can also come to us directly, be it through a dream in meditation, or through any number of signs throughout the day. Our only job is to open up our mind and heart to the possibility, and then trust that we will get exactly what we need, when we need it. Jane thanked me over and over for sharing my gift, confirming her mother and dear friend were still with her and at peace, and for changing her mind and ultimately changing her life. 

This is why I do this work. We both walked away from the experience feeling a deep sense of awe and appreciation for the miracle that unfolded in our 30-minute long-distance connection. Time and space are an illusion in spirit, and the spirits are not limited by these earthly parameters. It just goes to show that our loved ones in spirit are just a phone call away. Our only job is to place the call—pray and ask Spirit to be with us—then let go, and trust that Spirit will answer us in Divine time.