Supporting the Sacred Transition Back into Spirit


Recently in one of my Small Group Readings, a spirit by the name of “Doug” showed up. Rather, he clairaudiently screamed his name into my ear. When I asked if anyone knew who this spirit might be, the woman sitting across from me looked at me confused. She shared that her husband who has Alzheimer’s is named Doug. I told her that this was indeed a spirit by that name and so it probably wasn’t for her. She then gently told me in not so many words, “Well, I wouldn’t be so sure, Rebecca. Just yesterday Doug almost passed away. However, he miraculously bounced back and is hanging on by a thread. He’s been in and out of consciousness, and I believe in and out of his body.” Aha! This made perfect sense to me and something I’ve experienced on numerous occasions while doing this work.

Supporting the Sacred Transition Back into Spirit

One Foot In, One Foot Out

When our soul is preparing to exit the body, it is very common for us to do a dance between worlds in preparation for our departure. This allows our soul to reacquaint itself with our true nature in spirit, out of the heavy and dense physical form. Just as our souls often leave our bodies when we sleep to astral travel into the non-physical world, so too can our soul bounce back and forth until we are ready to make our final transition.

I asked this woman if her mother had died. More specifically I asked her about a mom who was known for her great cooking and baking, and if a “Mary” made sense. She teared up and said yes, that absolutely made sense. The woman’s mom’s name was Rosemary, and she had felt her mom’s spirit with her during this difficult time. Her mom suggested that her daughter give Doug permission to go, as his time on earth was complete, and to reassure him that everyone around him would be okay. She shared that this was the greatest gift she could give her husband, who was one foot in and one foot out. It was time to free his mind, body, and soul and bring his energy into total alignment with Source. My client shared that she actually told him all of that just the day before as she sat bedside waiting for him to die.

I explained that it was then her mother simply validating the fact she was in the room, witnessing all that was said and done in respect to Doug’s final stage of his life. I reminded her that our conversations and prayers with Spirit are not one sided. Spirit is always listening and around in times of need.

Turn to Guardian Angels

This message seemed to be exactly the reassurance she needed to hear, knowing in her heart that she was doing all she could do to support the sacred transition of her husband back into spirit. I then told her there’s a guardian angel around her, as I saw a bright spark of light right above her head. I then shared that I was clairvoyantly seeing a small stone, and it served as a reminder she is being his rock right now, and in turn, she has her angel as a rock to lean on, to help her find strength in a very difficult time. The tears started streaming at this point, as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a small stone in the palm of her hand. She shared with the group that this stone was going to be buried with Doug when he passes. And she brought it to the reading to see if her loved ones in spirit would mention it.

Her mom in spirit then suggested that she could get a duplicate, and keep one with her at all times. She smiled and shook her head in disbelief, confirming that she indeed already had one, as that was her intention all along.

Let Go and Be Free

Needless to say, the messages she received were confirming and comforting, as she was faced with one of life’s greatest milestones. She was applauded in her efforts in giving Doug all the love and care he needed at the end of his journey. She seemed more at peace as we concluded the group, knowing that Doug’s spirit was already soaring with the angels. And her only job was to once again reiterate that it was time for him to bring his mind and body up to speed with his spirit… to let go and be free. This my friends is the greatest gift we can give another: to hold space for them as they make their way from this world to the next, and to silently bless them for all they were, are, and have yet to become as a spiritual being.

Supporting the Sacred Transition Back into Spirit