Living Well Tour An Evening of Spirit: San Francisco


While there are always a dozen or more awesome moments during any given large audience reading, there was a single moment during my reading at the Brava Theater in San Francisco that really struck me as important to share.

Long Lost Cookie

The evening started off with a couple of very strong teenage spirits coming through from the Other Side to connect with their living mothers and sisters. Calvin announced himself as a twenty-year-old male spirit accompanied by a seventeen-year-old female named Ali. Both of these spirits communicated—and their living loved ones confirmed—that they’d both left this world only a few months ago, and tragically. Where Ali and Calvin didn’t know each other in life, they came through together in spirit, saying they were now “good friends” just as their mothers (sitting together in the audience) had become friends since their deaths. Sure enough, both Calvin and Ali’s Moms confirmed that they’d met in a bereavement group to help navigate their way through the grieving process.  They’d come to the event together—hoping for answers and a sense of closure and peace.

After many indisputable validations about the details around their deaths and their unique personalities in life that served as proof that their children were speaking to them from beyond, I could see both mothers slipping into a state of “psychic amnesia,” where the information was almost too much to process at that moment. They appeared mesmerized by the idea that their deceased children were with them in the room. As I continued to ask them specific questions to further validate the presence of their loved ones, they fumbled for the answers. At one point, Calvin clairvoyantly showed me an image of cookies, so I specifically asked his mother what this could be about. I said, “Did you just eat cookies? Do you know anyone with the nickname Cookie?” She shook her head and said no. After a minute or so of me pushing it, I said, “I’m going to let this go, but he keeps saying ‘cookie,’ so hold onto that and it will probably make sense later.”

Well, right after the event, Calvin’s mother came up to me in the photo line and said, “The craziest thing just happened.” She explained that while I was reading her, she got a text from her long-lost great aunt Cookie (!!!) Her cell was silenced in her purse, so she hadn’t retrieved the text until after the event. That’s when she realized that at the EXACT TIME I was inspired by Calvin to say “cookie,” she was literally receiving a text from her aunt of the same name.

 “I haven’t heard from her in years,” she said. “She texted me out of the blue to say that I’d been on her mind, and just wanted to reach out and let me know I was in her prayers and thoughts!”

This is what I call a WOW moment, and I’ve seen them time and again when I show up as a channel between this world and the next.

The Dots Will Connect

What I tell clients and audiences like this one in San Francisco is that if the messages or the “signs” don’t make sense right away, sit with it. Don’t beat yourself up. Let the dots eventually connect; they will! Often the information I deliver in a reading hasn’t happened yet, or as in the story above, what didn’t initially make sense soon became clear. (Calvin’s mom later admitted that she was so caught up in the experience of hearing from her son in Spirit that she’d forgotten she even had an Aunt Cookie!) This is why I don’t linger on messages too long. I put them out there and move on. The last thing I want to do is make something fit. I trust that the rightful owner of the message will piece it together not if, but when, the timing is just right, bringing the experience full circle. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received emails or calls to my office from clients, readers or audience members who relay an astounded AHA moment once the messages I’ve delivered slip right into place.

Letting the Work Speak

As I always say, the work speaks for itself, and so long as I’ve facilitated the dialogue between the living and the dead, then I’ve done my job. It’s then up to you, the witness, to piece it together. I will say that an open mind and an open heart allow for more synchronicities and miraculous AHA moments to consistently unfold.

Nothing brings me greater joy than to demonstrate how spirit communication works. Every time I leave a room or get off a call leaving someone feeling a little lighter and more hopeful after witnessing the truth that our souls are eternal and love never dies, I feel like I’m fulfilling my life’s work. In my latest book What The Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well, my hope is that my words will serve as a nudge from beyond to call on your departed loved ones. You, too, can communicate with Spirit. In fact, no one has a stronger connection with your departed loved ones than YOU! Ask that their presence be loud and clear. Ask them to give you signs that they are with you. And then, wait as the dots connect.