How a Psychic Medium Reads the Signs


As I continue my Living Well Tour across the country, I feel blessed to meet so many of you and demonstrate how spirit communication works. If you’ve attended one of my Large Audience Events or my Small Group Readings, then you’ve seen for yourself how the dead reach across the divide to communicate with the living in a number of awe-inspiring ways. A follow-up question I often receive from you directly following these events is: how do I read the signs for myself? And how will I know that I’m not making them up?

Noticing the breadcrumbs from beyond is the overarching theme of my new book What The Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well. I walk you through an ordinary day in my life and show you how spirits “talk” to me, and how YOU can similarly learn to read the signs. Once you know how to look for them, they really do start to appear everywhere!

The following recent story from my life demonstrates just how the departed work to make their presence known, reminding us that love never dies and we are never alone.

Don’t Overthink It.

Just the other day my husband Chris and I opened a bottle of wine we hadn’t had before called Justin Justification. On the cork was the name ‘Justin’ printed in big bold letters. The following day as I passed by our wine rack, I noticed the cork was still screwed into the corkscrew. I unwound it and just as I was about to toss it, I felt compelled to keep it.

I wasn’t sure why, and I hesitated for a few moments with the cork in my hand. I finally decided to go with my intuition. I decided not to overthink it but rather, trust that there was some reason I was meant to hold onto the cork. I set it down on the kitchen counter and forgot about it.

The next morning, I was sitting on the family room floor playing with Haven when I noticed the cork in her baby hands! How did she get a hold of it, I wondered? I figured it rolled off the counter and she snatched it up. At ten months old, anything she can get her hands and mouth on, she will! I removed the cork from her grasp and threw it into my purse. Again, I wasn’t sure why I didn’t just throw it in the trash. As I’ve come to learn after doing Spirit work for over two decades, when we keep our heads out of it, the Universe has a way of working with and through us to connect the dots and create a synchronistic flow.

Later that morning at the office, I was digging through my purse and I stumbled upon the cork. I pulled it out and placed it on my desk. I stared at it and mentally asked, why am I carrying you around? Out of nowhere, I was suddenly struck with clear knowing that the cork would mean something significant to a client I’d be soon working with. I left it at that and sure enough, that afternoon, a young male spirit visited me. Out of the corner of my eye, I literally saw the apparition of a teenage boy walk toward me. The vision was so clear that I gasped, felt chills up and down my arms, along with a wave of butterflies in my stomach. These are all signs that spirit is near and trying to connect. It took me a minute to gather myself, as I don’t normally “see” the actual apparition of spirits, but rather I receive mental impressions of them in my mind’s eye. I asked the spirit, “Who are you?” The message I received was that he was the son of someone I’d be working with in my Small Group Readings. Since I had three groups scheduled over the next few days, I couldn’t know or even guess, whom this male spirit belonged to, but I trusted that he would show up at the right time. I told him I’d be happy to be his messenger when that time came.

Just-In Time

The next day, eight people gathered in my office for a Small Group Reading. Right out of the gates, I felt the presence of a male spirit and clairaudiently heard the letter “J.” I asked, “Who lost someone with a name that starts with J? He would have had either a birth date or a death date right around this day in March.” I knew this because the spirit was flashing a mental picture of balloons in my mind’s eye- my sign for both birth and death celebrations.

A couple sitting to my right blurted, “We do.” “Is it a son?” I asked. “Yes,” they both nodded eagerly and said, “His name was Justin.” I gasped. And then I jumped up and did something I rarely do. I said I’d return in two seconds. I left the room and ran into my office. I returned with the cork and placed it in the man’s hands.

“I believe your son has been following me around for days in eager anticipation of making contact with you.” They almost fell out of their seats when they saw the name printed on it, followed by the writing on the opposite side that read:  Just Because. I asked if he died within a month or so of his birthday and they confirmed that he’d drowned while on vacation with friends in what seemed to be a freak accident just one year ago around his eighteenth birthday, and they had spent every day since in grief, pain, and confusion.

Justin provided many meaningful messages and validations about his death, life, and most importantly, he made mention of his “exit point.” What I’ve learned from spirits over the years is that we all have predetermined exit points when we leave our bodies and cross over. Some are earlier and some are later in life, but when we’ve come full circle with our soul’s purpose for this lifetime, we take the nearest exit. Rarely do we want or choose to die from a mind level, but our soul knows when it is time to let go and fearlessly move on to the Other Side.

“Justin is making me feel like he struggled in life with many things, but that he left on a high,” I consoled them. His Dad cried, “I just don’t understand why because he was finally in such a good place. It doesn’t seem fair.” I tried to explain that “It’s like he’d finally gotten his act together, and once he’d learned these big life lessons, on a soul level it was time to go.”

I understood his father’s pain. Eighteen is a very young age to die, but what Justin’s spirit was showing me was that he was actually quite an old soul who incarnated for a short time on Earth to serve as a teacher and inspiration who knew him in his short life. “He’s showing me that he will use a bird’s nest as a sign to communicate that he is always with you.”

They smiled at this. “Of course he will,” said Mom. “Our hobby and passion is working at a nature habitat for birds and we monitor and care for their nests all the time!” This reference seemed to reassure them that Justin was with them and would be in their hearts forevermore.

This Is How It Works!

I share this story with you to show you how spirit communication works. In my new book, What The Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well, I outline how Spirit and the departed “talk” to me day-to-day and how you can similarly be guided and feel supported from beyond.

If you have a story about connecting to the Other Side, I’d love to hear it. Through April 7th at 11:59pm, send in emails to and share the signs you’ve seen or the messages you’ve received from beyond. Your email will automatically serve to enter you to win a free gift from my Divine Direction Collection: a signed copy of What The Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well, a Show Up & Shine mug, and an Enlighten Up guided meditation CD.

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