The Secret to Reading the Signs

So often when I do readings the messages that are delivered from the Other Side don’t make sense to the living. At least, not immediately. Often the information I’m inspired to pass on hasn’t happened yet.

Earlier this year, at the launch of my Living Well Tour in Denver, I had one of these moments when I channeled Carol, a woman who died three weeks before the event on her 80th birthday. For all the amazing details of this encounter read more on my blog here, but to sum it up, Carol came through loud and clear with a message for her son sitting in the audience. She made mention of a white feather several times, but the reference made no sense to him… until later that night when he returned home to find a single white feather waiting for him and his wife at the top of their stairs! A clear sign and gift from beyond!

Light as a Feather

Only after this validating moment did he feel his grief lighten. He knew with certainty that not only is spirit communication real, but also that his mother was still with him in spirit and that love never dies. Even I continue to be amazed when spirits follow through with their promise to show us signs of their constant and supportive presence. They do hear you and they really do deliver!

They do hear you and they really do deliver!

To follow up on this story, a month after the Denver event, I used the story of Carol and her feathers to explain to my small group audience how breadcrumbs from beyond don’t always connect at the moment, but to have faith, and know they will lead you in the right direction eventually. After the reading, I ran out to pick up lunch and without giving it much thought I ended up at Whole Foods.

I soon found myself walking around the store in circles feeling really spaced out. I wondered to myself, why am I here? Just then, I felt a tap on my shoulder and guess who it was? Carol’s son, who I now refer to as the feather guy! He said he couldn’t believe he’d run into me as he really wanted to personally thank me again for connecting him to his mother’s spirit, and for the many more feather validations he’d received since the large audience reading.

He shared that the recurring signs had deepened his sense of peace and knowing that his mom was in a good place and also still with him day to day. Listening to him, my heart skipped a beat and I felt angel bumps from head to toe. Here I was witnessing exactly how divine orchestration works. I understood in that moment that Carol’s powerful spirit was the reason I was guided toward Whole Foods. She had brought us together to cross paths and validate her presence yet again.

I said, “I was just telling the story of your mom and her feather sign to my small group. Of course, she would bring her presence full circle by creating this divinely timed encounter!”

We both walked away feeling in awe of how spirit works and grateful for the experience. And only then did I snap out of my fog and figure out what I wanted for lunch!